Happy Birthday to me! I know this post is three days late but I had to gather up all my thoughts into this. I have been reading my previous birthday posts and I am sure this one will give a huge difference.

For a month now, I guess, all of my daily devotion is all about encouragement. God really knows what you need even if you haven’t realized that you needed it yet. I am quite astounded with the timing and the ways of getting it. I never thought I needed encouragement until I actually felt cold in life. For all those people who knew me or at least been reading my blog, you all guys know how I love celebrating my birthday. I celebrate it month-long and with all the people I would want to catch up on. I love celebrating a life sculpted for me by God. I usually plan my birthday a month ahead but this year, no planning had been done.

Roughly weeks before my birthday, a cousin asked me what’s my plan and I instantly answered “none” and I am not even sad about it. Lol. My boyfriend took me to a quick getaway one weekend and I had my time thinking what’s up. It got me thinking, is this mid-life crisis? And it also got me laughing. Lol. It is not that I do not want to celebrate my life again but I guess I just wanted it to be low-key unlike my previous birthdays. I then realized what I really wanted. I just wanted to rest. I want to hit that ‘pause’ button on all things and just stay still with my bible and in prayer.

As a DGroup leader and a follower of Christ, I will never be spared from all the distractions and disappointments in life – I get more susceptible by it. Only through steadfast prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit that I can fight against it. For about a month or so, I am slowing down on my prayer life and that hits me the most. It affects everything; My leadership, my work excellence, my life views, and even my other spiritual disciplines. I am getting several discouragements at work and I am having difficulties discerning God’s plan for me on this because I am putting more attention at my own efforts at work and not by God’s mercy that I still have a job. I am slowly becoming a mess but I know God will never put me in this place if I couldn’t muster the courage to show His glory in the workplace. I am thankful that no matter how I slow I go, Jesus always reminds me to keep up the pace and continue running the race.

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” –

Joshua 1:9

I am thankful for my mom for the daily efforts and love to provide and take care beyond my basic needs. You are incomparable.

To my D12 Proverbs 31 ladies, you really know how to love me. I will never forget the day you all went out of your way just to surprise me.

I am and will be forever grateful to my DGroup ladies, who are always there to encourage me and sometimes sees me through my outer projection of self. They are always praying for me and for our DGroup; which I know, God gave me the privilege to lead.

John, I am always praying for our relationship. May God bless us the wisdom in this walk that we are together having with Christ.

My high school friends are the best! Even on short notice, I never felt failed on. They always got my back and their presence and life stories are enough encouragement for me.

My HR Team got me a good one as well! I never knew they have something because of the recent anxieties and worries I am having at work and you guys make it bearable and less stressful.

I am 29 now, by God’s grace. Last year, I felt a connection with my age but this year, I feel so right with my age. It seems like I am on the right moment in my life to be 29.

Sharing my IG Stories during my birthday.

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