Killer Society

I think this topic is too serious and too sensitive to joke around. Every individual passes to a filter the society calls ‘stereotyping’ and it inevitably puts you in a box wherein you can never get out unless you conform with the society. In Social Psychology I learned that the society sets up the norm and if you deviate even just a little higher or lower than the norm, society filters you. I am not against of anything because I am also part of the society. I am both a killer and a victim. I guess we all are.

The media is a powerful media to show how powerful the society is. We want a size ‘0’ and if you are a ‘2’, you are already fat and if you are even a ‘1’, you are not skinny enough. If only emotion and feelings are not involved in this crazy trend, no one will ever give into pills, drugs, heavy make-up, alcohols, and surgeries.

You must be skinny, you must be extremely beautiful, you must give up your virginity, you must do drugs, you must skip meals, you must go to endless parties every night and go home the next day, you must wear flaunt clothes, you must be used to wearing heels, you must join groups you don’t even know why they exist, you must have the latest gadget even if it costs your family’s year fortune, you must own your own car for luxury, you must buy pricey stuff just to brag around, your parents must be cool like they live in your same age group, you must drink whatever we drink, and most of all, you MUST conform in everything the society tells you.
What if you do not conform? Simple. Society kills you. How? People will tell you everything that you may never imagine hearing. They may also convince you to try conforming or they may also consider you dead in the first place and think of you as a hopeless case. Either way, you’ll get hurt with the people saying things you wish they never have said. Personally, I have my own weight problems and I was almost ‘this’ close to being an Anorexic. I don’t just skip meals, I throw them away and as my memory serves me right, it started even when I was in Kindergarten. Back in college, I still skip meals because the society started sinking in to me that I must be skinny to be sexy. I know it will never be right but yes, I did it. I tried to conform for a very long time. Do you know what’s the hardest part? Trying to get away from every one’s eyes. Even if you care or don’t care about the societal norm, there will still be something to say about you.
I admire people who doesn’t think about criticisms and they can handle them very well. Maybe I am still not there yet, or maybe I still cannot handle too much of it. Yes, I can handle a handful of them but not too much that even myself eats me inside. I am easily to bash and I cry easily too. See, emotion and feelings are highly involved that is why we go through these things. I am thankful for having friends who accepts my waist line, doesn’t blurt out my weight problems and doesn’t even use it as a joke.
Each and every one deserves to feel good for him or herself and I guess a way to start it is to accept that the society can never be changed that easily and admit yourself that you are also once a part of the mass murder. You need to start changing inside you and I know that every one has a little black bird on the shoulder that tells you to say unimaginable things to the person in front of you right now – could be about the face, the hair, the make-up, the fats and the height. I guess the best way to handle this part is to keep it to yourself. I believe that every one have the right to think anything about a person but we must filter what to say. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. The society will continue to grow and as well as the ‘stereotyping’ but change always start from oneself. Think about it.
Note: This is one of my archived posts that deserved to be saved.

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