How to Apply for a Marriage License in Quezon City

Part of our preparations for our upcoming wedding is the documentation. Above and beyond the wedding ceremony and reception hullabaloos, we have to make sure we file the necessary documents with their particular timing

To start, you need to secure the individual documents required by the municipal for the Marriage License application.


  1. 2 pcs 2×2 ID photos
  2. Photocopy of your PSA Birth Certificate
  3. Photocopy of your Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
  4. Photocopies of your valid ID.
  5. Original copy with Dry Seal of Pre-Marital Counseling – we completed ours from our church. If you haven’t secured yours, the officer in charge will inform you of their counseling schedule in the City Hall.

How to Apply:

  1. BE EARLY. We went to the Quezon City Hall for the application because I am a resident of Quezon City. You may apply for your Marriage License in any municipality if one of you resides in that area. The QC City Hall works from 8 am to 5 pm; however, due to the parking availability, we had to spend more or less 30 minutes around the parking building to wait for a slot.
  2. Go to Civic Center C and get your ticket queue number from the Information Desk.
  3. Your ticket queue number will direct you to Counter 11. The officer in charge will ask for the groom’s valid ID for the order payment. The officer in charge will provide the following documents:
    • Marriage License Application Form (2 copies)
    • Data Privacy Consent Form
    • Order Payment for the Application Form (50.00 Php) and Filing Fee (100.00 Php)
  4. Pay the dues at Counter 15 and have the duly accomplished Marriage License Application Forms notarized and photocopied. They will also ask you to photocopy the Official Receipt.
    • Extra tip: bring loose change and pay the exact amount. It will help speed the process of the queuing line if you have the exact amount for your processing dues.
  5. Return to Counter 11 and submit your requirements and forms. They will check them one by one and ensure you have extra copies and the original to be sure if there are any questions.
  6. The officer in charge will explain the process and the date you can return and claim your Marriage License. Allow 11 days for the processing, and they will give you a release schedule. You may need to pay another 100.00 Php for the Marriage License Fee upon claiming it.

Kudos to the Quezon City Hall for a smooth process and informative officers! They allow questions, and they answer everything politely.

Remember when I said earlier that this has a timing? Your Marriage License is valid for only 120 days. Yes, your wedding must happen within its validity (3 months), and the timing to file this is something you need to consider in your wedding planning.

We recently filed ours, and we are to claim it by the first week of November, giving us enough time should there be any mistakes on the document to have it fixed for our wedding in December.

It was a productive day, indeed!

I genuinely believe there is no such thing as ‘the wedding season.’ Your wedding day is all part of God’s beautiful plans for you – intentionally for you. I hope you all enjoy your journey as singles, and may you also cherish your journey toward your next phase in life. I hope this post helps as much as it helped us!

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