Inseparable Couples Retreat: What I Learned, Re-learned, and Unlearned.

Last Feb 17 to 19 was undeniably one of the best three days of our married life. Honestly, I thought we still didn’t need to attend a couples retreat (yet) because we are newlyweds. There had been issues during our 2-month married life, but I consider them ‘petty,’ and I do not see them as retreat-worthy. I thought couples who were supposed to attend were those at a critical stage in their marriages, with unresolved conflicts, and those in dire need of counseling. But boy, I was so wrong!

Praise God to the relentless hearts of our godparents, Noj and Czar, for not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Some of our couples in the dgroup already attended the first batch; we are blessed to join the second one. 

I think this post is past due already, but because I still have my retreat high, I don’t mind sharing these important points with everyone. For the three days, allow me to share three critical learnings I carried home. I’ll share what I learned, re-learned, and unlearned to avoid spoilers and encourage others to attend this couples retreat. Note that these are just from me, and I cannot speak for anyone else.

What I Learned.

  1. We must ENJOY our marriage and NOT Endure it. Quality above all, and marriage is to make us happy and holy. It is when we fail to apply biblical principles on marriage that would be most likely to get broken.
  2. Becoming aware of the TERMITES in marriage and resolving conflicts can be done in God’s way. 
  3. True Forgiveness means getting rid of my Hurt List and humbly asking for Forgiveness for what I have done to bring hurt to my spouse.

What I Re-Learned.

  1. As a wife, I should submit to my husband in everything and not be conditional. I am FOR my husband, I am FROM my husband, and I COMPLEMENT my husband. Fulfilling my role as a wife is also a form of worship to the Lord.
  2. SORRY, THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU are powerful words that can help us in our marriage.
  3. Communication is a PROCESS. We have to communicate with our covenant (Me — GOD — Spouse), communicate with care, and always communicate in conflict.

What I Unlearned. 

  1. My hurts and pains.
  2. I no longer overthink what my spouse would think; I need to ask him and discuss things immediately.
  3. My shallow understanding of a godly marriage.

All of these are the tip of the iceberg. Within the three days, we learned a lot, and I couldn’t even encapsulate everything here because it would not do justice to the actual retreat.

To describe the 3-day couples retreat in one word? MAGICAL.

I highly suggest you and your spouse attend THIS specific retreat because the life testimonies are highly relatable. You can meet other couples with whom you can open yourself without fearing judgment. The Lord carefully orchestrated everything for this retreat, and my husband and I returned to Manila with renewed minds and hearts — now super duper kaduper enjoying our marriage!

BTW, we won the Newly Married Couple Award!!!

Aside from the healthy discussions, relatable sharings, fun activities, and kilig programs, they gave us a 30-day challenge for our marriage as a follow-thru!

This couples retreat is a retreat you never thought you would need.

You may also download my complete notes here: Inseparable: Couples Retreat Notes

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