Work-in-Progress: Find that Sweet Spot

These are my notes from B1G Fridays Work-In-Progress: Find that Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot is a maximum response with a given effort. You have to understand where you are strong, you are weak.

We have God-given talents. And from there, you have experiences, training, skills. Your hardships will help you build that sweet spot. You also have to check that with your passion. In the middle of your God-given talent, Experiences/training/skills and passion is YOUR sweet spot. How do you find it?

In learning about Matthew 25 (Parable of Talents), the parable teaches us 3 important things:

Master of the Gift
The master provided to each according to his ability. Because the master understood that the “one-talent” servant is not as capable of the other servants.What are you doing with what is (talent) given to you? You have to understand the diversity of the talents God had given everyone. The master is not expecting you to complain because he knows that you can handle the talent he will give you. If you are a 5-talent servant, you’ll get 5 talents. What is scary is that if you are a 5-talent servant but you are only given with 1 talent

Master of the Settled Account
People nowadays don’t know what “consequences” are. But the bible says that there will be an “accounting”. What did you do to those talent/s? The using of talents is NOT a means of salvation. It means our stewardship. Doesn’t matter if you produce 5 or 2 more talents. It’s what you did to those talents to get them. The master is not concerned with the result. He is concerned with HOW you reached that result. What are you supposed to do with those talents? God will ask you: “What did you do with what I have given you?” The work is a platform where you can use that purpose God gave you. The master was angry that the servant wasted the opportunity he has given to the servant.

Master of the Reward
We do not understand the principle of “abundance”. If you do good, you’ll get more. Giving you more of what you do is actually a reward. The reward is entering the joy of the master.

Find that talent. Find what you’re passionate about. If you have Faith even as small as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible.



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