Respond Responsibly

Last Sunday’s message was about how to respond wisely to the truth. This hit me because, as a DGroup leader, it is of high importance to have a strong foundation of the truth. While it is true that we can’t control how other people might respond whenever we share the Gospel with them, we should never be discouraged from sharing it anyway; after all, we are urged to continue living the Christian life through the Holy Spirit, not by own efforts.

Ptr. Vic reminded us that at the end of the day, we only need to ask God one thing: “Lord, are you pleased with me?” We are encouraged to grow deeper in the faith and make our relationship with Him very personal.

My main takeaway from the message was that whatever the world has to offer us on a daily basis, we must always choose to respond wisely and responsibly. As believers, we must continue living our lives as a testament of God’s greatness and love. By so doing, we impact both believers and non-believers in a crucial manner. Similarly, responding to the truth is not limited only to words but we must also respond correctly in terms of our actions. We have to accept that all eyes are on us, especially since we claim to be followers of Christ. We must choose to respond in ways that will only be pleasing to God; we should constantly remind ourselves to “perform” for an audience of One.

I look back on my younger days of being a Christian; just when I was starting my walk. I was quite shy to share the gospel because, like most people, I was afraid of rejection and of the questions I may not be able to answer. But God allowed me to meet people who had the same experience as mine. This gave me the boost to get comfortable enough to share my testimony of how God found and accepted me despite my unworthiness. Ever since, my response to the truth has been worshipping God through sharing His glory in my life. In my perspective, if God could change a sinner like me, then all things are possible! Only He can bring true transformation because His true love that leads to a true kind of life!

We are given that challenge to share our personal story of God’s greatness and magnify how He has moved and continuously works in our lives — in ways that only He can.

We are to share the good news of Salvation and live as a blessing to others, simply because we are blessed.

When we fully experience Jesus’ love for us, it is impossible not to want to share the greatest news we’ve ever received.

How about you? Knowing what you know now, how will you respond to truth? Do you accept the challenge of sharing God’s story in your life?

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