Healing in Jesus

Last Sunday’s message couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I had been recently been sent home to rest for a week due to a hypertension incident that made me experience nausea; the kind that not even the consequences of my rowdy years in HS and College can compare to. It was a serious situation that made me slow down from my daily activities. I had to step down as a facilitator in the B1G Singles Ministry so that I could get proper rest every night. I also had to temporarily give up serving in the B1G Ministry in order for us to keep our usual DGroup schedule, which is every Wednesday night. Honestly, I felt that Jesus pressed on the breaks and made me pull up on one side of the road in order to gain perspective.

It is when you feel something wrong with your health that you start to listen to your body. It is when you have to slow down due to sickness and frailty — whether voluntarily or not — that you realize that your body is not taking enough of what it needs compared to what it gives. It is when you slow down that you realize that just because you can still do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. It is when you slow down that you realize that God is telling you to press on the breaks for Him because you might be running at a pace that He doesn’t want you to.

Ptr. Jess reminded us that we tend to seek Jesus only whenever we feel weak and we oftentimes forget Him if we are 100% healthy. Moreover, we even have the audacity to storm Heaven’s gates whenever our prayers aren’t answered the way we want them to be.

I am always blessed to hear the story of Ptr. Jess’ mom; I am encouraged to pray unceasingly and be completely dependent on God’s plans. It may be difficult to do so, but more often than not, waiting on Him may be the best thing you can do; all you need is to trust Him.

More than just physical health, we should also be on the lookout for our spiritual health. As we get to know and love Jesus deeper, the more comfortable we can be in conversing with Him through prayer. This is ultimately seen through heart transplant baby Hunter Fenix’s life as he is currently growing with Jesus’ comfort. His parents, Ptr. Jon and Coco Fenix, prayed unceasingly to have their hearts prepared for whatever God is planning for their baby, Hunter. Now, almost a full year after a successful heart transplant, this family continues to be salt and light to serve as a reminder to never place limits on God.

Healing of the flesh, mind, and soul keeps us aligned into God’s plans. This message changed my perspective as am still under observation in terms of my health condition. I am putting my trust in Jesus, and the fear is fading and the comfort and strength are coming while I wait on the Lord.

Have you ever experienced any kind of weakness that makes you fall down on your knees?

Whenever you feel weak, kneel.

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