Can’t Stop Writing about Your Love

Last Sunday’s message was timely for someone like me who uses social media to proclaim Jesus’ words. I am truly blessed because God had provided for a way for me to proclaim His greatness.

I used to blog years ago; however, it was simply out of the need to get views and validation from readers. Eventually, I realized that people seemed to care less about the events that happened to me on a given day, my new gadgets, and my rants. As a result of this, I stopped blogging — until I felt Jesus’ prodding to get back to writing once again, but now with a different perspective. It has been several years since I resumed blogging, and I can say that nowadays, I find more fulfillment in doing so; He has allowed to use this platform to encourage people not because of what I have done in my life, but because of what Jesus has been doing in my life. It makes my heart smile whenever readers send me a message about how my blog has led them to Christ. Needless to say, I have truly found a way to be able to talk about Jesus digitally.

Bro. Josh always convicts me whenever he preaches, and this particular message hit the spot. He encouraged us by saying that in a world wherein truth is relative and Jesus is ridiculed, we cannot afford to stop speaking about what our Lord has done for us. I remembered how, when I was still new in the faith, I was always shy to share about Jesus, not even my one-minute witness story, all because of fear of rejection. However, God impressed upon my heart that I shouldn’t have to fear rejection and that whenever I do have an opportunity to spread the Word, it must be intentional. God doesn’t care about lukewarm believers and show-offs. Slowly but surely, I started to develop the right mindset when talking about the Lord, and now, I am always joyful whenever I get the chance to do so. As one of our worship songs goes, it is because “my heart is full and my soul is free; I can’t stop singing about Your love”.

It is true when God has worked wonders in your life, you can’t help but talk about it. There’s so much to say about His glory and the amazing things He has done that can’t be contained in just one Chronicle article. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to share His glory in any way I can.

Going back to the message, the early believers were exhorted to proclaim the gospel amidst persecution; they were so motivated, so filled with the Spirit that there was no stopping them. Similarly, today, I am encouraged to share about His love with my friends, coworkers, and my family despite the possibility of rejection; just like Jesus’ disciples, I am inspired to spread His word out of the love that I have experienced, not out of fear. You, too, have experienced Jesus’ unconditional love and power. Are you bold enough to share about it?

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