Believe and Live

If there is one word to describe how I felt as I listen to Bro. Roden’s message, it was “convicted”.
The message made me appreciate more the relationship that I have now with God. It reminded me to be grounded and how and why I even started with my walk. I felt convicted how God constantly calls me back to His fatherly arms and continuously blessing me as His daughter, despite my loss of focus on Him. He never really gives up on us – even though we continue to sin and we continue to change, God and His love remain constant. From what I have realized and learned in the message, I instantly had this feeling that I need to reconcile with my Heavenly Father.

Bro. Roden reminded us that when we believe right, we can live right.
I was once believed in something I thought was right and in the result, I was entirely living wrong. My beliefs and actions contradict each other and I know for a fact that it would just be hypocrisy if I even utter God’s words. When I was saved and decided to walk with the Spirit, everything changed. However, as Bro. Roden said, being Christians does not save us from committing the sin again but we should always reconcile with God. I do acknowledge that I am a sinner who is saved by God’s grace and I must not only worship Him but to live right the way He intended me – and with consistency. Bro. Roden’s message fits perfectly in my current situation and I know I must do something about it.

I am blessed and humbled to be part of a DGroup that always reminds me why and how I started. Bro. Roden’s message made me feel convicted of the times I chose to work overtime rather than attend my Dgroup sessions. Being part of a DGroup will make us know God more and as we grow with our DGroup, God reveals Himself to us more. God made an impression on my heart to reconcile with Him because I believe that He is Supreme and He is the only one who justifies it all. I learned that I need to be steadfast in my faith, be a good steward of His endless blessings, and be a good daughter to the Father. I must reconcile with my family and my DGroup so that I can fully reconcile with God. It is truly, believing right will only make me live right.

What do you believe and how do you live right now?

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