Persevere for the Truth, because it Matters

It is in everyone’s knowledge that the world gets crazy sometimes because of the different truths it holds. We hold on our differences and tolerate other people’s truths because we save ourselves from humiliation, rejection, and self-doubts. Last Sunday’s message impressed on my heart that we are living on the age of tolerance and even if we are Christians, the One True Truth of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins to save us may get compromised. Bro. Chito reminded us with three learnings: (1) Persevere even when mistreated, (2) Persevere even when misunderstood, and (3) Persevere because it is God who molds you. 

Bro. Chito taught us that we should look into who we are as a reflection of our identity and the way we live as a reflection of our morality. He also shared to us that people really live by a truth that is relevant to their lives and it automatically changes their passion and life purpose. Truly, knowing the truth is one thing but living by it is another.

Just like in the scriptures, Paul, who was before Saul, was transformed from within: His Truth, Passion, and Purpose changed and now he is using his might to share who Christ is – a complete opposite of his first purpose in the life of eradicating Christ’s followers. His walk with the spirit was not a walk in a park and he exerted him every last blood in sharing the One Truth he carries despite the rejection, verbal and physical persecution. I started to wonder if I could ever live like Paul. I am a Christian like him, but can I really live like him? It made do a heart check and felt the burden of standing up for the One Truth that matters. I can never live like Jesus if I couldn’t even share His love as Paul did.

Persevere on the truth because it matters and even the distractions of the world sometimes tempt us to go with our pride, we have to remember the ONLY ONE TRUTH. I felt the pang in my heart that the truth I hold of Jesus is worth sharing and not worth being ashamed of. It is the kind of truth that I chose to die in despite all the cost it brings. It is the kind of truth that I would not like to compromise even being surrounded by non-believers. My main takeaway on the message is that no matter what the world could do to a follower like me, I would only need to pray for one thing: That is the perseverance of my heart to die to myself, pick up my cross, and follow Jesus.

Would you persevere for the truth that matters the most?

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