Lyzawrites® HR Management Consultancy

"Providing tailor-fit solutions to your Human Resource Needs."

My story starts from a life-long pursuit of freelance and personal projects of collective passion; Lyzawrites® is now taking a considerable step to venture into consultancy.

Established in June 2021, Lyzawrites® Human Resource Management Consultancy aims to assist business leaders as vital partners to help them decide on their current employees' welfare and future workforce as the pandemic has given several challenges to all companies (big and small). Consequently, the pandemic challenged affected individuals to muster the courage to start their businesses. It would need a reliable HR partner to help them establish and formalize its HR function - complete, consistent, and compliant.

Service Promise
To provide services beyond the templated HR expectations through custom-fit solutions that can continuously adapt/respond to these ever-changing employee needs. I am a consultant that would weigh and think about what's right and just for both employees and your management.

Company Vision
Provide tailor-fit Human Resource needs from start-ups to medium-sized companies.

Company Mission
Promote Human Resources as one of the core units, a business partner, and one of the strategic branches of the business.

Core Values
Fear of the Lord


Journey Partners


"In all my years working as a corporate architect, I have never encountered an HR professional better than Lyza. She is a responsible, thorough, and approachable manager." - Arch. Ulysses Paredes

"Any organization would be lucky to have Lyza as their HR Head." - Joyce Isip

"Lyza is an efficient, experienced, and accountable HR practitioner. She never refuses you when you ask for her help. Her leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the companies she has worked for. Lyza will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. She is a trustworthy individual and I will always hold her in the highest esteem." - Clarissa Tan-Hamili