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Today is my second day of attempting to do a morning devo; this is a scheduled post, btw. I used to have my Devo or quiet time at night but for some reasons, I end up feeling tired, wanting to sleep, and ending up not understanding God’s words. This week, for the prayer and fasting week, I committed to doing my quiet time in the morning. I think doing it in the morning has benefits especially being up and about early in the morning unlike before and honestly, I am having a hard time keeping my eyes wide open and not halfway through. Seriously guys, how do you do it? You can share in the comments below and I would love to learn from you as well! 🙂

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” James? ?1:5? ?NLT??

For me, this passage clearly shows how generous our Father God is. Plain and simple, seek wisdom if you do not have it and He will provide but the question is, HOW? Prayer. Jesus taught us that we can ask anything from Him as it says in Matthew 7:8 however, Jesus also taught us that “You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.” (Matthew? ?21:22? ?NLT??) Meaning, Jesus is teaching us that Father God is a provider, He is generous, and He will never rebuke us from asking our needs BUT we must have FAITH. Our God is generous out of His love for us but He is not foolish. I have learned in one of the sessions in B1GFridays that sometimes God do not answer our prayers because we may have the right motive but we often get the wrong understanding of His plans for us or we may have the right understanding but the wrong motive in praying.

This passage speaks to me a lot and I thank God for always reminding me that He is with me always. Since I surrendered my life to Jesus, I am “still” practicing to lean not on my understanding and consistently seek God’s Will on anything I do. God always reminds me that He is an approachable God and only through Faith, I am receiving His grace day by day. I am saved but not sinless — I still need reminding as I sin less and less. I love how I am loved more and more each day by the Father.

Lord, I thank you for always waking me up every day and I praise you for your unmatchable glory! Lord, I lift you up my cares, worries, and life to you and I trust your plans for me. I pray that you hug my heart whenever I feel scared; I seek forgiveness if at times I doubt your plans but I always thank you for always reminding me that you are always there knowing the best for me… and that you are my God.

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