Encourage and Evangelize

I am honored to write this Sunday reflection on the celebration of CCF Eastwood’s 10th anniversary. Praise God for His faithfulness to His people!

Ptr. Jess’ message was a great and timely anniversary message because it was relevant for both new and seasoned believers. Through the message, I was reminded that in God’s church, we are all to contribute our time, talent, and treasure; to continuously build God’s kingdom for those who don’t know Jesus in a personal way.

As believers, we are called to lift others up by evangelizing and encouraging them. First, we ought to evangelize by sharing the Truth: the Gospel. We are to share what He has done and to give people a chance to call on Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. From then on, we are to remind them to live like a saint (1 Cor. 1:2), to walk in a manner pleasing and acceptable to God — even if life isn’t always perfect and challenges may present themselves.

Second, we ought to encourage others, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is important because in the process of yearning to live Christlike lives when one becomes distracted, their vision can die; when one becomes doubtful, hope can die; when one becomes disillusioned, their zeal can die; when one succumbs to disobedience, their testimony can die. We must constantly fix our eyes on Jesus, pray that our faith may never waver, and continuously edify our brothers and sisters.

Upon thinking about the impact of this message, I asked myself, how am I doing in my walk? Am I still aligned with God’s will? Am I becoming a spectator Christian, who compartmentalizes aspects of her life, so church is only a 2-hour slot in a week that needs to be filled, rather than a 24/7 lifestyle?

I know I’ve become lax in my walk — maybe even indifferent — due to adversities. However, this message gave me the nudge I needed to get up again with the burden to encourage others as well.

I realized that I am blessed with wonderful ladies as my disciples, as well as DGroup sisters who never stop lifting each other up. I am also blessed with a platform to share God’s words (online and here in the Chronicle), and there is no limit to what I am called to do, for as long as I let go of my doubts and uncertainties. This message did uplift me at the right time, and I thank the Lord for this.

For those who are reading this Chronicle article, I may not know what you are experiencing right now or what you are going through. But I pray that it serves as a source of encouragement.

In this life, none of us is spared from disappointments and from the temptation to sin. But as we gather with fellow saints — our brothers and sisters in Christ who have also made Jesus the Lord of their lives and have committed to walking in His ways — we are constantly encouraged to not to slow down.

Let us keep in step with Him, persevering to win the grand prize after crossing the finish line: Jesus Christ Himself.

Happy 10th Anniversary, CCF Eastwood!

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