Protect Our Family

God gives Moses the divine and historical record of how evil entered into the world and why the world is the way it is. Our world view should start from Genesis 3 – the origin of sin. It is when sin entered into the world through one man. In this story, we see how the first family was attack and the source of all man’s problem.

Our family is God’s gift to us and we must protect it. How do we protect our family in this present time with so many distractions like social media being one of the biggest factors that influence our family today? The family should have a solid foundation of who God is and to have an intimate relationship with Him.

In order to protect our family, we must:
Teach them about their Sovereign God. Who the One True God is, His Nature, His Character, His ownership of mankind. Protect your family by introducing them to the Sovereign God of the Bible. His power, wisdom, love, compassion, holiness, wrath, purpose, presence, grace and mercy.

Teach them about the Scriptures that when God speaks, it’s an absolute truth. When God says something, He means it. He is God and He makes the rules. Protect your family by training them to study the Bible then trust and obey what it says.

Teach them about Satan. They need to know who he is and how he attacks God’s people, character, and Word. Protect your family by preparing them for spiritual attack and teaching them about their enemy. Teach them about Satan’s Strategy. His strategy is simple and extremely effective. He comes by disguise (2 Corinthians 11:14). He deceives by omitting and adding to God’s word. He creates doubt that God is good and denies God’s word. Protect your family by teaching them how the enemy and his followers handle the Bible.

Teach them about Sin. It is important our family understands sin biblically. It promises to satisfy your need, to give you pleasure and elevate your position to your benefit in some way (1 John 2:16) but it comes with consequences and punishment. Protect your family by teaching them about sin and why it is so bad to play around with it.

Lastly, Teach them about Salvation. There are a lot of beliefs around the world that is why it is important to teach our family the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite the sin Adam and Eve committed, He still looked for them (Genesis 3:9). God is still graciously seeking for us even though He knows that we continuously drift away from His love and He wants us to respond in repentance and faith to save us. Teach our family that we are made to have a personal relationship with God. God put a plan in operation that one day a deliver would come into the world (Genesis 3:15), one day there would be a One true sacrifice for sin (Genesis 3:21, John 1:29) and God’s promise (John 3:16) to give an opportunity for men to respond to His offer that whoever bow their knee before Jesus Christ, accept Him as God, confess their sin in genuine repentance and trust Him in who He is and what He has done God promised salvation from your sin, the penalty of sin and eternity with Him. (Romans 10:9)

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