Be A Hero by Being a Hero-Maker!

First of all, Congratulations to all GLC Graduates!

It was an honor and it gave me great joy to see you grow in your love for the Lord by learning His ways and finally, publicly committing yourselves to continue God’s work on a larger scale. I always admire GLC graduates and I see graduating from the different levels of this program as one of the most meaningful accomplishments one can attain.

Going back to the message last Sunday, though, I was amused by it as I was comparing it to the leadership programs I have been facilitating with my participants. Leaders have somehow been associated with heroism as they are expected to put others’ well-being and interests first before their own. They also need to deal with portraying a degree of courage necessary to lead, similar to the kind of courage heroes have.

It was surprising to realize that the Bible contains everything thereis to know about leadership and no doubt, Jesus was the best embodiment ofleadership.

It is really amazing that, just like Jesus, we share a similar goal even in present times; and that is to develop new leaders who will catch and continue the vision.

One difference that I noticed between corporate leadership training and Jesus’ leadership calling, though, is the way we live it. As humans, we like to complicate things; sometimes, we try to embrace different angles of leadership; thus, we take on different aspects, skills, competencies, attitudes, and even habits. But according to the Bible, to be a leader, you just need to do one thing: create leaders who will also create leaders up to the 4th generation (1 Timothy 2:2). Moreover, we only need one skill to develop and that is our obedience to His words.

We were also reminded by Ptr. Vic about the mantra of church planters. It was impressed in my heart that no matter big or small, any number higher than zero is already a huge thing. “Every number represents a blessed soul God loves!”, I learned, and this gave me a sense of hope. It doesn’t matter if you will lead one or ten lives to Jesus – even just one is already a soul saved.

We were also reminded that as leaders in God’s kingdom, we should have one goal in mind and that is to multiply leaders and to refuse to put limits on what God can do. We are to follow Jesus first before we can actually continue His work as we all need Someone to look up to, someone to mentor us, andSomeone to teach us what is right and wrong.

Humility was also an attribute that struck me when it was discussed. Asa leader, we must accept that our followers may be better than us in some aspect, and that they just need us to be a leader to them to help them maximize their full potential.

We are also not to make everything about “us” in the sense that we take full credit for leading them to Jesus, when the One who empowers us to do so is Jesus Himself.

I also learned that in the scheme of leadership — whether you are aProtégé, Apprentice, Successor, or Disciple — we can all be heroes in the making by pointing people back to the greatest Hero of all: Jesus.

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