Serve Wholeheartedly

I love doing volunteer work. I was raised with altruistic values and I realized that the Scriptures give life to my volunteer work. While reflecting further, I also realized that you cannot fully give yourself to service if there’s no compassion in your heart; the kind of compassion that comes from the immense love of Jesus.

I firmly believe that we cannot give what we do not have and it is only possible to serve when we are look to the One who served us by saving us from death.

Last Sunday’s message spoke about something that touched me, both on a spiritual and personal level. I used to think that serving God through proclaiming His words is one of the most difficult tasks as a Christian; it opens yourself up to all sorts of anxiety and fears of rejection. But as I started to learn more and grow deeper in Christ, my thoughts shifted; I realized that one’s efforts solely done “alone” — apart from God’s grace — will never be enough. If done without His guiding hand, I will always be susceptible to fears and anxiety.

My main takeaway from Ptr. Beebo’s message last Sunday is that serving wholeheartedly — if done as an act of worship, an overflow of the heart — will not and never be a burden; most especially once we fully understand God’s love for us.

I also used to think that one can only serve wholeheartedly if he/she is an expert in a certain area, but it is actually the opposite. “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called” as Ptr. Beebo mentioned. What a relief to know that a wretched person like you and me can be called to serve for Him; what a privilege indeed!

I also learned that it is a calling to serve God as it shows our priorities in life and at the same time, molds our character. I am currently doing volunteer work both in church and in the HR Community and I learned that in order for me not to feel burned out, I should allow the Holy Spirit to dwell and guide my own body in serving. In this way, I do not feel stretched nor exhausted. It also dawned on me that I can ultimately serve out of compassion and not out of other compelling reasons.

It is refreshing to learn that God never wants  perfect people to serve Him, but the broken, the flawed. If it weren’t for the life-changing love of Christ, I wouldn’t know how to be of service to Him, the ministries I am part of, other people, and other aspects in my life.

How about you?

Have you taken on the challenge of serving wholeheartedly?

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