Uncompromising Love in this Compromising World

I praise God for Ptr. Jess’ heart; he delivered this message with conviction, and it resonated with everyone, especially the singles. As he spoke, my heart hurt for the world we live in now we allow sin to compromise our values, convictions, social norming, and even our faith – resulting to its fall and destruction right before our eyes. Jesus never wanted us to compromise, but to live according to God’s plans and design (Romans 12:1-2). I’ve been blessed by the “Legit series”, and I’ve learned how the sins of our hearts would eventually lead to our own spiritual death.

Like anger, lust is always a hot topic in many conversations, differing only in different degrees. I remembered that I even though I went to an all-girls school, we weren’t given strict guidelines on the dangers lust could lead to in the future, aside from unwanted pregnancy. Little did I know that this sin of the heart is something grave, and should never be taken lightly.

Lust is an issue faced by all generations, even going as far back as the Old Testament. Honestly, I was surprised to know that even pastors still get stumble, as shared by Ptr. Jess, and I felt accountable as a follower of Christ and also, a leader of a discipleship group. It is a call for everyone to pray more for our church leaders so that they can firmly live their life testimonies and guard their hearts from any temptations. Allowing ourselves to lust through our eyes and mind can soon lead to the manifestation of immorality.

The message gave me a major flashback of my life before meeting Christ and it made me grateful for what I am today; I have been saved by His love and grace.

I can testify about how I allowed myself to conform to this world. I once deceived by what I thought was true love, and justified the lust I felt in every possible way. The hold it had on me was too overwhelming to ignore, and it gave me the courage to do almost anything as long as I could get away with it. I was reminded by this famous saying: “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay”. Everything I thought I built out from lust (the relationship, the comfort zone, etc.) came crashing as I was already walking straight toward the path of destruction.

I completely agree with Ptr. Jess when he cited examples of kingdoms that were built on lust and yet at the same time destroyed. Indeed, lust promises everything but leaves you with nothing.

I praise God for His immeasurable love for us when He sent His only son, Jesus, to carry deliverance to those who believe. God will always want the best for us as long as we make a conscious decision to follow His son, Jesus Christ, and flee from any source of lust that could lead to immorality (James 4:7).

The will of God are sanctification and purity. We only need to remember to FLEE when lust comes crawling in our hearts back. We need to FILL ourselves with the Holy Spirit, LIVE with boundaries, EXCHANGE lies for truth, and EXPOSE ourselves to the light.

Having said all these, the question is, are you willing to repent all of your sins and choose Jesus daily?


Here is a video Ptr. Jess showed us and it instantly made me click that share button to almost every single person I know.

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