Experience God’s Grace

Out of God’s unchanging love for us, He gives us His grace even though we don’t deserve it; it is something He freely gives us because we can never earn it. Because of this grace we experience, how can we NOT want to share with others what the Lord has been doing in our lives? The Apostle Paul did not allow his past life to be a hindrance in sharing how God transformed a persecutor like him into an apostle of Christ. Not only did defend his faith, but he connected with his audience by explaining his roots and using their native tongue to easily catch their attention.

Are we brave enough to talk about God’s grace in our lives just like the Apostle Paul did?


In Acts 22, Paul talked about his life before he met Christ. He explained his credentials, saying that he was well-trained by the highest Jewish Rabbi, and gave a background of his lineage, which deemed superior for that period of time. Given all these, his life’s desire was to persecute all Christians. Until he met Christ. He experienced grace because, despite everything he had done to Christians, it should be unthinkable that God would acknowledge him and by name, at that.


Apart from being called him by name, God talked to Paul directly through a blinding light while on his way to Damascus. Sovereign as He is, God doesn’t need anything from us and He chooses us out of His saving love. In Ephesians 2:8-9, we know that it is by Grace we have been saved through faith. Even if we were to ask for faith, it is only God Who has the omnipotent power to give this grace in order to enable faith. If Paul himself declared that he felt he was unworthy of grace, we, too, ought not to take His grace for granted.


In Acts 22:9, it was said that this blinding light was also seen by Paul’s companions, yet only Paul heard a voice and answered the questions asked of him. He then realized it was the Lord he was speaking to. This verse serves as a reminder for us to truly know who Jesus in our lives and to understand the magnitude of Him being Lord of our lives.


After hearing Jesus’ voice, the Apostle Paul obeyed God’s instructions and went to Damascus; he also regained his sight with the help of Ananias. Ananias told Paul that he is now an appointed witness of Jesus and His Glory; having received and experienced God’s grace, Paul believed and obeyed immediately, without delay.

God’s grace is never-ending, and He never stops using those who have gladly accepted His gift. Sharing this unmerited favor of God in our lives will not exempt us from experiencing rejection or persecution, but we get to have changed lives — and hopefully, in the process, be a part of other people’s changed lives as well!

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