Everyone’s Mission

Last Sunday’s message was about how the apostle Paul responded to what God called Him to do: bring people to Christ. Since it also highlighted Mission Month, we, as believers, were also encouraged by the speakers to respond the way Paul did.

Even though Paul had to suffer for Christ’s namesake, he followed God’s mission for him. He knew that the road ahead would not be easy. Despite the difficulties, he still managed to overcome persecution and challenges. He persevered because of God’s Word. Paul also made disciples everywhere he would go, and he submitted to the Lord by only going to places God told him to go to. More than this, he wholeheartedly obeyed God’s even if he was led to particular places that could cause him to suffer and even die for the Gospel.

As Ptr. Jim was saying, just like Paul, we are to obey the Great Commission as it is everyone’s mission. God never promised us rainbows and butterflies but He assures us in His Word that He will be with us when we follow Him.

We may live centuries after Paul did, but even today, we still encounter various kinds of persecution. However, we must persevere for the Gospel. I am glad to know that CCF Beyond is active in making disciples not just within the country but in other parts of the world. They literally experience physical and emotional kinds of persecution from other countries. Yet they press on in obedience. Ptr. Jim reminded us that God will never put us in a situation that we can’t handle; he encouraged us to go beyond our comfort zones and live the Christian life we chose to live.

I was reminded that people will only know Jesus if they hear it from others. I am encouraged to write more for Jesus’ name and to tell His glorious story in my life, praying that one or two souls would accept Jesus through it. We are all called to lead and become a discipler ourselves; not merely content to remain a disciple. 

The apostle Paul continues to be a great example of what it means to die to ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Jesus.

Are you ready to go beyond borders to expand His Kingdom?

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