Firm Foundation

The message last Sunday impressed deeply in my heart that having a firm foundation on God’s word and on God alone are absolute essentials in my Christian life. As we all know, living the Christian life is not difficult; it is impossible — especially when our faith is not set on strong foundation. Ptr. Beebo emphasized this repeatedly, and I have reflected on it for quite a while.

It is with this strong foundation that I consider serving the Lord — both through writing in the Chronicle and through being a facilitator in the B1G Ministry — to be a privilege. It has always been ingrained in me to seek God’s will in my life as a servant-leader. It has been a year since I started serving, and looking back at all of the hurdles and shortcomings that I’ve faced in ministry, I stand amazed because I am still here by the grace of God. I have also been challenged to lead a group of 4 wonderful ladies, whose relationships with the Lord continue to grow. Maturing in my own walk and serving alongside them have been a blessing and an unending grace from God. And as a department head in the corporate world, I have been, and I will always be, in direct communication with both believers and unbelievers, but I thank the Holy Spirit for always guiding me and guarding my heart away from uncertainties and confusions. I used to be lost, always seeking answers to questions I thought mattered. But God never fails to pursue our hearts and He clearly sees our desires. Through challenges, I know that my character is being tested, and if my foundation of the Truth isn’t on solid ground, it could get distorted because of social media and other distractions.

As a follower of Jesus, it is truly encouraging to meet and hear how other believers’ lives turn around 180 degrees when they completely surrender their lives to Christ. Their firm foundation of faith and dependency in Jesus are a clear testament of how powerful our Lord and Savior is. Honestly, despite having been in the faith for a while now, I still experience fear, uncertainties, and doubts. I still wonder how I can face adversities, but at the same time, I am overwhelmed whenever I remember that no problem is too big for my God. It will always be my prayer to live fully dependent on Christ alone.

Remembering the time I gave my life to Jesus and how renewed me and transformed my heart will always fill me with joy. As Ptr. Beebo shared, God does not always take us out of difficulties, but He gives us a way through it, and that makes all the difference. He has been, and always will be with us through all the storms. After each challenge, we will still have pure joy and comfort knowing that His grace is fully sufficient to keep us standing in place when everything around us falls apart.

I used to cry about worldly things but after meeting Jesus, I now cry because of the joy He gives when He takes me away from the world. I would never be this strong today if it weren’t for the firm foundation of knowing Jesus’ Word and His love for all.

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