Why I Purchased a Kindle: The Good, the Bad, and the Worst

I love reading books. My fascination with reading started in elementary school when we had novels as book reports and as part of the reading curriculum. I felt the burden, especially when we had to memorize 15-20 vocabulary words daily and read one chapter per week. Little Lyza never knew the importance of the knowledge built during those formative years. Looking back, I appreciate my teachers pushing it to us even in high school.

I used to go to the malls and stay inside the bookstore for hours, reading almost all the book titles available, trying to find a good read. Yes, I love reading, but no, I wouldn’t say I like the feeling of regret after reading a bad book. I don’t think there’s a bad book, but some books have bitter endings, considering how I should have spent those hours doing something else. I have this same mindset when choosing movies and TV series.

Books significantly contributed to my being and helped me find my voice in writing. My hobby in writing is an outflow of my interest in reading. Books provide numerous benefits that helped me who I am today. I even dreamt of completing the whole encyclopedia set back in the day. My dream house also has a library included in it. I currently have a good set of physical books, and I sometimes hoard books, piling up my reading list and storage area.

Just recently, I bought a Kindle. I love purchasing books and the smell of books, so why do I have to buy a Kindle? 


  • I bought the Kindle Basic 2022 instead of the Kindle Paperwhite 5 because they only have a few specs differences with a considerable price difference! I only read reviews for Kindle Basic 2022 and Kindle Paperwhite 5. Kindle Basic 2022 is the latest, smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Whereas the Kindle Paperwhite 5 is more sleek and smooth on the screen edges, has a larger screen, and is waterproof. A notable difference is the waterproof feature, but I have no plans to bring it anywhere near any body of water.
  • The Kindle Basic 2022 is handy, saving a lot of storage space instead of buying more and more physical books.
  • Reading on a Kindle is like reading from a physical book. I was initially skeptical, but the moment I tried it, I knew I had an intelligent purchase. I am using an iPad mini 6 to read my e-books, and since I am not getting any younger, I am starting to feel frequent eye strains due to the screen glare and migraines due to gadget screen exposure.


  • Buying a Kindle is STILL another purchase!
  • I now have to buy a case for this and take care of it for long-term use. Again, another purchase. 
  • Seeing the positive differences between using a Kindle versus my iPad mini is terrible. It made me ask myself why I had to purchase this just now?! I’ll show this in photos.

Photos: Comparison of the Kindle Basic 2022 versus my iPhone 12 ProMax and iPad mini 6


I can’t stop reading using my new Kindle Basic 2022!

Indeed, this has been one of my best purchases so far for 2023.

Note: I purchased my Kindle Basic 2022 here.

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