An Anecdote of Leadership and Personal Growth

I have taught retail salespeople proper greetings, product knowledge, the right way of assisting customers in fitting their shoes (luluhod and magsisintas ka), closing the sales, handling sales objections, and up to after-sales service. All I do is the talking and demonstration, but the application is all up to them. The practice, the discipline, and the consistency of application are all credited to them.

They are not college graduates. Most of them are high school undergrads but they hunger for knowledge and for growth they failed to achieve academically. After 4 successful batches of the Management Training Program, I can say the program has produced top-caliber sales for the brand – some were transferred to different departments, some were absorbed into direct employment to handle their branches, and some already started their businesses. Now, they are leaders in their workplaces. Some are supervisors, some are managers, and some are also training others to grow, following my footsteps. Honestly, whenever I feel drained, I look back on these and I remember my purpose. 

Leadership will never be just because of the position title. You can always assert your leadership from where you are. With or without a title, make sure you leave something that will last. And if you are in a position of power and trust, leave not just a legacy but an imprint on the personal lives you are directly working with.

Leaders and Mentors can only guide you but it’s still YOU who need to do the work for your improvement. It will never be an overnight change but a moment-by-moment discipline.

Commit to being mentored. Choose to grow.

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