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More and more men are discovering that self-care starts with proper skincare. Our Congratulations to these dudes!  That skincare is not just about washing your face with soap and water—it involves a couple of steps using products purposely put together to make your skin look clear, firm, and bright.  

But skincare doesn’t have to be complex.  The easiest way to incorporate skincare into your grooming regimen is to follow these four quick, no-fail routines, to give your already handsome face, a major boost.


The first step to good skincare is cleaning your skin.  Facial cleansers gently but thoroughly wipe out the dirt that makes your skin look bad—causing oily skin, pimples, and a haggard look.

Follow through with a toner

Using a toner after cleansing will slow the production of oil by closing the pores, keeping your skin fresher- longer. Toner gently removes oil and grease from the skin, helps unclog the pores, and encourages them to close up as they dry.  

Don’t forget your serum

Serums are more potent than a moisturizer and are targeted to work quickly and effectively.  Serums are packed with ingredients to make dull skin bright, dark spots lighter, and neutralize free radicals on your skin. 

Shun the Sun

The sun is one of the most damaging forces that affect your skin–aging it and potentially giving you skin cancer if you expose yourself to too much sunlight. If you’re especially the kind of guy who’s always on the go, you need to remember your sunscreen.

Just do these four steps on your way to great skin and you’ll be way ahead of the other dudes out there!— with  Men Matter,  your journey to great skin is a  breeezzee!

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