On Daily Wins and Endless Pursuits

I know I have been inactive recently because I was on the run for multiple pursuits and some of them were overlapping over time but I praise God for sustaining me up until this very moment. This blog has been scheduled to update every Friday at noon ( +8 GMT) to cross-post my Youtube Vlogs (which, I still hope that I could place running youtube ads soon) but other than that, I was careful not to spill any beans to what my plans were not until they get accomplished. I shall be sharing some of those daily wins as part of my endless pursuit; yeah, I could only share “some” of it, around 3 wins. Please bear with me on this.

2nd jab @ Makati Coliseum

First Win: Almost a month ago, I shared that I got vaccinated and shared the process and experience on it. The first jab did not bring any serious side effects except for the usual heaviness on the injected arm. This time, I felt the side effect and it made me completely indisposed for two straight days! I experienced total fatigue, fever, muscle pains, and heaviness in my chest. I was able to report back to work on the third day but still, wasn’t in my best shape. I am happy to join the government’s effort towards herd immunity and I am positively looking forward to a day wherein it may all be ‘new normal’ but at least, COVID-19 free! Always praying for this pandemic to end. A vaccinated individual is already a win for mankind! Please get vaccinated whenever and wherever you can.

A photo I took before the exam started.

Second Win: I am not sure if you’re familiar with the photo I took but this is the first time I am uploading it since the day I took it during the first week of July. I never thought I would pass the exam as I never really reviewed for it, I just tried to listen in from the different webinars provided. A good friend invited me to try and see this as a side hustle and if this would make me step out of my comfort zone, then I’ll go for it. Honestly, I believe in getting myself and other people insured, not just for the protection and savings but also for future gains like education and retirement. Glad to be able to help out other people figure out how to manage those finances that may help them and their families by the time gets rough – well, rougher than now. You might see me post another blog on this soon.

CSSYB finally! For personal growth and branding!

Third Win: I successfully finished my Yellow Belt Certification training for Lean Six Sigma! I acquired my White Belt last 2016 and I realized that since I have the time and means to pursue a higher level, I should invest in this. This certification wasn’t cheap but I believe the learnings and future application of this would be priceless. If you’re interested in taking this course, I took it here: https://www.6sigmaph.com. They also issued my White Belt Certification before. It was easy to understand at the same time, they provide tools like templates to work on. There’s an assessment as well, so make sure you listen and pass the exam to have the certification right away. This is would play a vital role in a bigger pursuit I am working on right now. Again, I shall share it when it’s the right time. 🙂

Three pursuits I have been keeping inside and now finally letting it out. Please continue to pray with me on the succeeding steps to take on this biggest pursuit in my life (yet). I know some have already noticed little by little changes and tweaks on my blog site and I am hoping to have drastic changes soon. Uncertainty may always be ahead of us but I know my God better than what tomorrow will bring – He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Fear and anxiety may build up on my chest as I build up this pursuit from scratch but I praise God for always reassuring me that He will suffice and that He will never allow anything to happen that I cannot bear as long as I continue to depend on Him.

For the word of God will never fail.

Luke 1:37 NLT

I just can’t wait to share more of my endless pursuits with you soon and I hope you all will be there when that time comes.

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