Giving the Mercy that We have Received

I had several realizations after listening to last Sunday’s message; so much so that these realizations had a great impact on what we call “be-attitudes”. Following and studying this “Legit Happiness” series of the Beatitudes have blessed me greatly, serving as a reminder of how we should live as a “legit” follower of Jesus in order to fully experience happiness with Him.

One of my realizations was that we live in a judgmental world; to the point wherein we feel the need to explain or apologize to just because of one mistake. Living in such a judgmental world is also teaching us to put more weight to those who play the game set by the world’s standards, and we condemn others rather than extend compassion. In fact, I wonder just how many of us truly knows what it really means to show compassion.

Ptr. Mel suggested that that it’s possible that as a society, we fail in showing compassion because our first instinct in any situation is to look for a solution. I was also enlightened on how to put together KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and FORGIVENESS in light of God’s Will for us as followers of His son Jesus Christ. Since one can only give what he or she has already received, the sooner we come to know about and understand God’s saving mercy, the sooner we can share this mercy with others.

The story of the adulterous woman and the unforgiving debtor are both perfect depictions of Jesus’ forgiving nature. Ptr. Mel also emphasized that genuine mercy can only come from God with the help and guidance by the Holy Spirit. However, we often forget that in our everyday lives, we constantly receive mercy after mercy after mercy. Jesus died to save us because mercy is His love in practice, strengthened by wisdom and truth.

God’s mercy for us sinners is part of His character: He is a Just and Merciful Father to us. He forgives and saves us in spite of our inequities. In Matthew 9:10-13, Jesus made it clear that He is extending mercy only to those who believe, and not for the self-righteous. Jesus teaches each and every one of us to extend compassion to our family members and to our circle of friends, so that they can enjoy the mercy of God; at the same time, they may also experience His unchanging love.

I’ve been convicted to apply mercy in my daily life. Because if God can extend His mercy to everyone, then who am I to withhold it from others?

Remember that mercy is a heart attitude and forgiveness is its fruit!

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