Be Filled with the Holy Spirit!

Congratulations, GLC Graduates! I am happy to see graduates as it clearly shows achievement to a person and the message given fits the special occasion so well.

I am currently in a situation wherein I do enjoy my worldly achievements, however, when I asked myself, ‘how is my heart?’, I realized a lot and I am guilty of the three currencies that actually bought those achievements. Integrity is when we actually do what we say we will do. This surely begins from the heart and goes out to the life. Keeping up with my achievements is difficult especially whenever there are challenges that could question my integrity in the end. On my family relationships, I was reminded that I work hard to earn a living at the expense of my family time. It made me sad thinking about it yet, I know this is a fact I can no longer ignore.
Even my health barely keeps up! I would work early in the morning, go home late at night, and still work on weekends even if I am at home. I wanted to do so much of my time that I forget to eat right, sleep right, and rest right. As I focus on the worldly achievements, I lose sight of the truth. In my heart, I know this is true, but I never thought God’s message would leave a huge impression on my heart that I really have to do something about it.

The message was truly a gift as it spoke the solutions to my recent struggles. I was reminded that it is God who I serve and not my earthly work. I was reminded that these worldly achievements mean nothing to Jesus who have surpassed all other kinds of achievements! I was reminded that by continuously worshipping my worldly achievements, I am slowly drifting away from God’s love and losing the purpose of why God placed me there in the first place. Living a Spirit-Filled life is a lifestyle a Christian should always practice and as the pastor accented it, it is a command and not an option. God’s love is intentional to all of us and He always reminds us to seek Him. We do need to be reminded always because due to our sinful nature, we often forget His words to us. Knowing God’s Will and intentionally living it out is a transformation enabled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our worldly achievements will continuously test our faith however, God wants us to have a spirit-filled life and complete dependence on Him. We rejoice for the worldly success that we forget who gave it to us in the first place. Remember that it is not how much of Him you have, but it is how much of your life is yielded to Him. Let the Holy Spirit take the wheel and let it control over our lives as God intended it to be.

Now, how is your heart?

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