Always Be Grateful!

Ptr. Peter’s message is very fitting in the current times. The message spoke to me in a specific angle and it is full of reminders on how we are supposed to act without being entitled. While listening to the message, I realized that we are grateful when we experience something that we think we deserve. However, when things don’t go our way as we expect them to be, we tend to assert our rights and demand for it. This immediately gave me a sense of consciousness of how many times I felt entitled and what are the events that made me feel that way, especially in the workplace. As I realize that I can make a significant difference in my workplace, I sometimes feel the tendencies of expecting more – I should be rewarded more, compensated more, and recognized more. That’s exactly how it was in the story shared in Matthew 20.

The message reminded me to be humble at all times and avoid the entitlement mentality. My life before walking with the Spirit was centered to my efforts on how I got my achievements however, I soon came to a realization that it should be God who I must credit for all of it. He made everything possible in His own time and ways. God does not need our good works and with that being said, He impressed it on my heart the value of contentment and humility. He doesn’t owe us anything because He owns everything! It struck me the most when Ptr. Peter said that if God doesn’t owe us anything, then other people do not owe us anything as well.

I was reminded of the popular saying, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and it is true. The responsibility of GIVING more and NOT RECEIVING more. God made us who we are in accordance with His plans because He has a reason for it. And since I know for a fact that I can do significant difference in my workplace, I must always remind myself to be humble and GIVE more of what I am receiving from God. I suddenly felt the reality that I am blessed to bless others. I owe God not only for the small things but my salvation and the proper response for it is to be grateful and be contented with what I have. For good times and bad times, always be grateful! It will be difficult especially on bad times but remember God’s word that those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. (Matthew 23:12)

I know that God doesn’t like the entitlement mentality because we are nothing. How fulfilling it is to feel this joy to have a close and personal relationship with the One who is Everything that’s why we should always be grateful!

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