Come, Follow Me!

Happy 33rd Birthday, CCF! Serving and being part of this joyous celebration of endless thanksgiving to the Lord Most High is both humbling and overwhelming.

Ptr. Peter delivered yet another deeply convicting message that from beginning to end, determining the roots of my Christian Faith. I kept on answering and reflecting all the questions thrown starting with “Why are you following Jesus?” I started to make lists of my reasons and since I am new to the faith, all my answers sounded so vague even to myself – nevertheless, it is my truth. I used to believe that the truth for me may differ to the truth of others. It is true that we do get confused on how we see the truth as something brought by opinions and not by facts. However, Ptr. Peter shed some light on how we must look at the truth; that there is an absolute truth and that truth is Jesus. (John 14:6) Ptr. Peter also shared life’s two most important questions. It is my first time to hear these and it challenged my commitment and my love for Jesus.

The first most important life question is, “Who are you, Lord?”
(Acts 22:8) One answer came up but, when Ptr. Peter started throwing out other questions to test this, the answers in my head started to vary and I got confused. My views about the truth changed and then it became absolute. Jesus is my Lord and my savior, whom if I lose, my life will completely be meaningless. It felt terrible being lost but now, I am living correspondingly with God’s design, trusting His decisions in my life and I could never be thankful enough! His gift of salvation is the threshold of my complete dependence on Him.

The second most important life question is, “What shall I do, Lord?” (Acts 22:10) The perfect way to respond to this is that I need to share the most important message of all – the Gospel and Jesus’ Resurrection! Because Jesus died and rose again from the dead and we no longer must live for ourselves but for Him. (2 Corinthians 5:15) Ptr. Peter reminded us that Jesus’ resurrection is the cornerstone of the Christian Faith and I do believe it happened because He completely transformed my sinful heart.

Out of all Ptr. Peter’s questions, the one that convicted me the most is that “what if the most important message in your life was never delivered to you?” Honestly, I will feel devastated. It is a blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ who made sure I get the most important message before it was too late. Therefore, I do accept the challenge to share Christ’s love with others, starting with 33 people before the year ends. Come, follow me! Are you willing to accept the challenge?

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