New Year, Old Me

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Day 1 out of 365 days has started, and I’m sure many countdowns will be posted on social media and eventually run dry after three to five months. There will also be numerous New Year’s Resolutions shared, yet I don’t know why we keep promising difficult resolutions for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also guilty of that. I can’t wait to read some ‘balik alindog‘ programs to be started just in time for summer and forget about it midyear. Kidding aside, my point is, is having an unattainable New Year’s Resolution required every year?

I am also curious why we post “New Year, New Me” every New Year. Why do we wait for the new year to finally get ourselves together to change? Is there a reset button when the clock strikes 12 on January 1? How much of your “old self” are you willing to change? Not to be cynical about it, but I used to do it as well, and as age gets to me, I sometimes ask myself why I do things. Even though I know that I won’t be making promises that are impossible to keep, I guess it’s a habit to list down some things I am about to change in 2024. As I have said, I should not wait for 2024 to begin with the changes. I have already started with these and want to be accountable to you, my readers.

  1. To carry a lighter bag this 2024. If you know me, I carry almost my whole house inside a bag, and it’s for an entirely different purpose that I can post on a separate blog. I have told my husband that one of the resolutions I am willing to make is to start carrying a lighter bag. A lighter bag means I can only carry fewer or smaller items than my daily load. I already started this by buying a small bag to commit myself to. I brought it to the province for the New Year vacation and told my husband I was starting to love it. I might also carry my laptop without a shoulder bag to avoid bringing some documents home to work. I think I love the sound of the last part.
  2. To start my ‘Wellness Journey‘. Now, this is a different resolution from the previous one I did. This time, there’s a concrete plan and action points for this. For January and February 2024, our friends from the Skin Desyre Greenhills branch will help me get a headstart on this journey. They will be helping me to attain specific slimming goals using their high-caliber machines and skills. I am a bit nervous about this, and I will take you guys with me on the progress and my reactions via YouTube vlog, so make sure you subscribe! I know things will be done differently because they have already crafted a plan based on their assessment. I am excited to start on this when I return from the province.
  3. To actively post here on my blog. This platform has a purpose, and I sometimes neglect its importance. I had to remind myself of my prayers when I still didn’t have this website. I was grateful, but I sometimes became forgetful. I should set a realistic target to post here on my blog and other social media accounts. Some social media accounts can be easily maintained, and I have been given numerous content creation opportunities, but I know I should not neglect my first love, blogging. I hope to attend more blogging events and opportunities in 2024.

These are just three realistic New Year’s Resolutions for me. This way, I can only say that I welcome the “New Year” with the “Old-yet-improving-Me.” I pray to continue improving more aspects of my life in 2024, and I know God has better, greater plans for me. For anyone reading this, I don’t know where you are right now in your life. Still, I pray that you won’t lose heart and hold on to the promise that the Lord will finish everything He started in you (Philippians 1:6). May we never fear tomorrow because the Lord’s love never ceases (Lamentations 3:21-23). May we never rush what the Lord wanted for us, waiting patiently for our season to come (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Cheers to 2024!

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