Rekindled Hobby: Photography

Hi dear readers! I know I haven’t been active as much as before (or ever, lol), but I am still trying to fit in all of my daily activities in a day and not just juggling them. I am almost six months married to my wonderful husband and incredibly blessed with this marriage. It has been teaching me a lot, and I would love to share that with everyone on a separate blog.

I want to share how I have rekindled my other hobby: photography. I am not a pro at taking photos; I love documenting memories. I am a family member who always has a camera during events or at get-togethers with friends. I have never made a profit, and it gives me joy in my heart to see captured moments. I previously shared this on my blog about when I started shooting using Fujifilm.

I have been using my Fujifilm X-A5 since 2018, and due to wear and tear, it went to its first service center treatment. After waiting for it to get fixed for a couple of weeks, I realized how efficient and helpful the unit was to me. I use it for the photos here on my blog, vlogging, and capturing personal events. In a nutshell, I missed it, and I knew I had to stop taking it for granted. And with that, here are some photos I took over the recent weeks.

All photos are taken with Fujifilm X-A5 • Meike 35mm f/1.4 • Classic Chrome film simulation.

Should I do more photo walks?

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