Shooting with Fujifilm

In fulfillment of my Birthday Wishlist, I never expected I would be able to scratch off the last on the list! I had the means to buy but I waited until I was given an extra. God is great, indeed! I did not get this within June but it’s okay. It came just right in time.

I always wanted this camera ever since I got my Instax Share SP-3. Owning a digital camera is not new to me because I used to own two Sony cameras in college but they weren’t too complicated back then. I was settling with my iPhone camera since then and I missed having one already. I knew I had to have this and from hereon, kailangan ko na magtipid. Lol.

I thought of doing an unboxing but I the excitement inside me couldn’t just wait. Anyway, I became too rusty on shooting and I had no formal training on it. Cameras nowadays are too complicated for me and my first few shots are blurry.

My mom was surprised and happy that I had this because she used to own manual cameras back in her time. I had a difficulty in tinkering with its settings and I had to use a lifeline even before I mess things up – and I do not want that to happen because I don’t trust myself on that area. Haha! Completely off the topic, I was surprised that my PE shirt still fits me! Too shallow, I know, but I rejoice over small things. My big God allows me to find joy in every thing and this is one of them. #SmallWins

Well going back, I had to ask for help. Special mention to Ate Angel who became an instant digital teacher to me even for a short notice. I admire her shots and I invite everyone to visit her accounts to know what I mean. Visit her FB Page and Instagram and be amazed!

She is a natural and I hope to learn more from her. Thanks again, Ate! So I just followed few of her quick tips on the settings and viola!

Patrick Starfish, my favorite test subject

I am starting to enjoy my new toy and I hope I could maximize this for this blog. I am still torn if I will keep my Instagram account on Black and White or give in to colored posts but I won’t dwell my thoughts too much on that tonight because I don’t want to lose sleep on it. Lol. I tend to overthink even over small things and I had to learn to surrender that to Jesus.

Oh yeah, it has cool features too! Yep, that’s my wallpaper and it looks great on fisheye! I’m excited on how can I use this to capture more memories for keeps! I remembered how I keep my Multiply albums back then and I love reminiscing great memories!

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