2023. Another Year, Closed.

In a few more hours, as we fall into slumber, 2023 will bid goodbye, leaving us experiences felt and shared. One whole year may sound long, but it is freakishly fast. No one knew what would happen daily, and as long as there was a promised tomorrow, hope was felt and ‘hopefully’ appreciated.

2023 is a year of firsts for me. It is my first time to venture into a new phase of my life as a wife. I keep learning about myself and my spouse as I journey with my life partner. I realized that I could love more than I could, hurt as much as I don’t intend to, and provide more support when I knew I needed one, too. Being a wife is a new experience, and I wondered if I was doing the right things as I moved. My husband has been affirming my actions. Consistency has been on my top prayer list since I became a wife, and had it not been for God’s goodness, I would probably feel slacking and lacking all at the same time.

By God’s grace and love, it was my first time living in a condo wherein we had found a home, even for the two of us. Our landlord sheltered us last year while we were preparing for our wedding, and with little or less than the budget we had prepared for, we couldn’t be grateful enough. We could host and enjoy small gatherings in our humble place as well.

2023 has been a year wherein I committed to sharing my writing talent with one of the organizations I am affiliated with and to the ministry I have been praying for for years. I must say, I finished strong, all thanks to the Lord. I pray I can do more for my blog, and I know I am blessed with this platform to do more. For 2023, together with my husband, we committed our time, talent, and treasures to volunteer in different retreats, honing our sweet spots. We are praying about where God would need us next for His kingdom. It is also the year wherein, as husband and wife, the Lord allowed us to minister and lead a mixed singles discipleship group, and it has kept us grounded in our faith.

Skills and personal networks have been improved for 2023. I signed up and completed an influencerpreneur course wherein I met new friends in real life. My hobby turned into an income-generating craft and gave me a more precise direction into where I can steer this potential career. I was able to attend a physical event once more despite my packed schedule, and I was provided opportunities wherein I was able to showcase my content creation skills beyond blogging. Again, I must do more blogging for 2024.

Please continue to pray for us as we welcome 2024, and while we fear the unsure, may we be reminded that God has great plans beyond our limited imagination (Jeremiah 29:11). God has always wanted the best for us (Romans 8:28). We may never lose heart in believing God’s power (Hebrews 11:6) and continue to fix our eyes to the eternal rather than the temporal (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear readers!

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