Like You, I Avoid Financial Advisors too!

Oh, I know you do! But don’t worry, because like you, I avoid Financial Advisors too!

Okay, not to start on the wrong foot here and I pray that you read the whole of it because being misquoted is the last thing I would want to do. Personally, I believe that being a Financial Advisor is a noble job and since they cannot sell without the license from the Insurance Commission, I firmly believe this is a job that has to be treated like any other job as they are also bound with code of ethics and a government agency that regulates the license issuance and whatnot. I have friends and colleagues who tried to approach me over a chat or text message and tried to do two things: either recruit me to join them or offer me insurance products. I understand perfectly the concept of recruitment as it is included in my HR Practice, and I also recruit for a living. I also understand the need for insurance and how it can help me in the future. But why do I avoid them though?

Recruitment: I am a person of many trades and I told myself that as long as I believe that I can do something of quality, then I should push for it. Even before I started working at the corporate, I am fond of looking for freelancing opportunities wherein I can showcase my talents, skills, and show my passion for it while being paid on the side. But I guess I am the same as everyone else in that, I only choose what is convenient for me – limiting myself inside of my comfort zone.

Insurance Products: Despite the reap of long-term investments, possible higher returns, and a big help for me when times get tough, I still don’t get convinced of securing myself one. Maybe because of the following reasons:

  • – I want to see something immediate and probably tangible out of it;
  • – I want the returns to be high(er) in a short(er) span of time with a low(er) cash commitment;
  • – I am not seeing protection for myself not to any of my loved ones as a priority as that moment and;
  • – I am not sure if I could keep a long-term commitment of paying something I cannot see the returns just yet.

Well, I cannot speak for the majority that’s why I tried to ask other people about their reasons, and they avoid FInancial Advisors because:

  • – The Financial Advisors just want to get the commission instead of being considerate of your needs as a client;
  • – They had a previous experience of unsuccessful financial programs and commitments and no longer want to engage in something similar;
  • – They still don’t see it as a need;
  • – They are ‘makulit’;
  • – They couldn’t afford to shell out at. the expense of extra savings or future protection;
  • – FInancial Management and Financial Education is not a common talk and would touch on sensitive topics such as their lifestyle preferences (living above and beyond the means), budgeting priorities (if there is even any), and even their ego on handling finances (because it’s their money and no one has the right to educate them how to spend it) and;
  • – They want the return or value of whatever they will purchase be of the instant.

Maybe your reason is already on the list but if not, feel free to comment down below for more.

Now, what’s my point in all of these? With or without Pandemic, they have been there, it’s just that we notice them more these days as we get longer hours connected on the internet. So, I tried to understand the trade of being a Financial Advisor and this is a huge takeaway from me, being a Financial Advisor can bring win-win situations to people. How come I say that? Just please hear my case:

Suppose a Financial Advisor approaches you for either recruitment or products, you win both ways. Yes, Financial Advisors really do make commissions out of it for a certain period of time but isn’t any other sales like that? You buy a house, the agent gets a commission. You buy your clothes and even personal needs, the seller gets incentives or any other cash rewards out of it. That’s the point of having a job, to make a profit out of it. As a firm believer of Sales as an honorable profession (since I have been in the Retail industry and HR Operations), sellers won’t actually break a sweat for something they never believe in. As I have been training my previous sales consultants, you are to be the first brand ambassador and you have to believe first in your product before you can actually sell it. So if you refuse to purchase insurance products because the Financial Advisors can just make money out of it, then why not join them instead? Become a Financial Advisor as well! You get to be knowledgeable on Insurance, Financial Management, Stocks, and more while you earn on the side. I am sure they are more than happy to have you join them.

Insurance Products is about Insurability. You cannot just sell it to anybody. Financial Advisors take time thinking of their clients and it is the risk they know the benefits of having one or two. I am sure there had been stories around the internet of how the insurance money really helped them get back on their feet. Hey, even Park Saeroyi from Itaewon Class benefited from his father’s insurance money! I understand that one cannot see the benefits of it in an instant but think about what you can leave to your loved one.

I am an insurance policy owner. Not because of friends asking me to secure one but I had this realization: ‘kung mamamatay ako, ayoko maging pabigat sa mga maiiwan ko.” Though I have shared my testimony on how I got out of my credit card debt, I still can’t escape from my karupukan on my luho. I cannot imagine myself dying and leaving my family and loved ones with my other debts and bills that I am supposed to be shouldering. If ever God allowed me to live for more blessed years, then I shall personally reap the rewards of my insurance money. So what’s there to lose? I also secured my mom and tita with policies of their own because I value their lives so much as they have been taking care of me even beyond my basic needs. Putting value into their lives through an insurance policy is the least that I could do to repay their hearts.

In a nutshell, become a Financial Advisor yourself to reap the commissions you don’t want other Financial Advisors to get from you. Secure yourself an insurance product and patiently wait to enjoy the fruits of it in the future or allow your loved ones to get back to their feet with your help even for the last time. Secure your family and your loved ones with insurance products because it is a love language anyone may provide for oneself but not all can receive from others. It’s definitely a win-win!

With all of these said, your girl is finally a licensed Financial Advisor!

Passed the IC Exams last July 2021 and Coded this August 2021

Believe me, I never wanted to join not until I saw the win-win situation in all of these hullabaloos. I already know why I avoided them in the first place and I believe that awareness of the profession is the start of this realization. You wouldn’t know you need something until you try to find it, yep even those loose coins in your bag. 😉

Like you, I avoid Financial Advisors too. But I am now aware of ‘how’ and ‘what‘ I needed to do to secure not only my future, my loved ones, and even help out other people to securing theirs; And that became my ‘why’. Remember, I may get a commission for a certain period of time because of you, but do not forget a longer reward that’s waiting for you and your loved ones, too! Do you want to join in, too? You can easily reach me on my contact me page.

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