Importance of Job Roles in the Workplace: A KDrama Character Review

Over the long weekend, I managed to post a blog post and a vlog and clean my room due to the roof leaks. I was able to catch some sleep between the days. It feels like my body is taking its toll already. Moreover, I finished a new Korean Drama (KDrama) entitled Shooting Stars / Sh**ting Stars. I have watched many KDramas already and became picky as time went by. I don’t want to be wasting time watching the same old storyline. With “Shooting Stars,” from its first episode alone, I knew I could get some bits and pieces about HR Management and Workplace culture. Well, if you haven’t watched the KDrama “Shooting Stars,” this may be a spoiler, but this is not a review of the KDrama as a whole but a review of the characters from an HR Professional’s perspective. I have like to avoid further spoilers by attaching the characters’ photos. I’ll mention their character names so that you’ll be encouraged to watch it. I will also not say the whole plot because KDramas never miss in love interests and protagonists in the latter part of the series. I won’t mention all characters here but only those who have depicted a strong character in their workplace.

Choi Ji-Hoon, the Company Director. He is well-respected by everyone, objectively keeps the meeting, and keeps his emotions aside to benefit the whole company. He also listens to his employees and looks for succession planning in the best possible way. He grooms his successors well and drives them to work hard to be reliable in the future. I admire that he doesn’t micromanage but demands results in a way his employees would gladly do their jobs well.

Oh Han-Byeol, the Head of the PR Team. I learned how difficult it is to keep a pristine reputation for not just the whole company but for every artist they have. I don’t know how accurately the job demands on the show because she has way too many phone calls, the way she pulls some strings, and how she keeps the relationship with every media partner they have. I believe her job requires her to be on social media 24/7, and I am amazed at how passionate she is about her career despite the lack of personal time. She also works well with others and handles her team well. I am amazed at how fast she can think on her toes regarding cover stories and how to respond to the tips and rumors linked to their artists. When placed in a difficult position to decide the best way to handle a huge rumor, despite their emotions shattered, she chose what was best for both the management and the artist’s reputation.

Kang Yoo-Sung, the Artist Team 1 Manager. He is highly professional and does his best for the artists under his team. he is well-seasoned in his job and can easily read the room and the mood of everyone surrounding him. He chooses his words wisely, and even though he knows many things happening in the background of his artists, he decides to protect them above all else. Despite some bickering with Han Dae-Soo, he still manages to work with him smoothly. He has an excellent eye for talent and can mold you into a top star. He is well-prepared and seeks the best for his artists. He would go to lengths to make things happen for his artists, and he does it gracefully and professionally. If he were my senior at work, I would ask him to mentor me. 

Park Ho-Young, the Artist Team 2 Manager. She is young but hungry for success. I can feel her thirst to become like her senior, Kang Yoo-Sung. I saw the difficulties of scouting for new talents and how it isn’t easy to train your eye in choosing a future top star. She sees what she can improve on in her work and makes sure she learns how. She poses humility, and even though she was leading 2nd on the company’s revenue, she still thinks she has a long way to go.

Jo Ki-Bbeum, the On Star Daily publisher/writer. She works like a machine! I admire how fast she works! I couldn’t imagine myself typing like I was rushing for my life. She is well-mannered, and no matter how constantly terrorized by her boss for getting an exclusive with the rumored stars, she still manages to keep her values as a reporter and does her fact-checking. Well, sometimes she would lose her temper at her boss, but she would still comply and throw in some exclusive scoops.

Do Soo-Hyeok, the Legal Counsel. He objectively works from 9 to 5. Well, I mistook him for some arrogant lawyer at first, but I ended up understanding how he is running his firm and how he wants to give himself time afterward. He takes his job very seriously and doesn’t take any mocking from anybody. He adjusts accordingly to people who would need him and doesn’t give them a hard time. He is excellent at what he does, and I think his character deserves more storyline.

Byeon Jung-Yeol, the Top Star’s Manager under the Artist Team 1 Manager. At first, I was confused about how he was a manager when driving the artist around. They refer to him as “manager,” and I think he is similar to a “Road Manager.” He ventured into a different career by becoming an artist manager despite his skills, yet he did not bother to show his skills off in a time of need. He may have been troubled when he started, but he showed tenacity and significant improvement as the series went by. He handles everything confidential and doesn’t cross any line with his artist. I admire how he embraced his role well and even passed on his learnings to his new-hire colleagues.

Here are my summarized thoughts about the show:

  • It shows the realities ( I suppose) in the Entertainment Industry.
  • It shows how not everything seen on social media and shows is genuine.
  • Many things may happen in the workplace, like troubles, incidents, unexpected love affairs, and whatnot, but still, you should not compromise your job role.
  • It shows how not everyone in your workplace will be your friend since everyone has a “role” to play, but you can learn how to work with anyone harmoniously.
  • All characters show passion for their roles despite how demanding it is in the Entertainment Industry.

Out of all the characters in the KDrama, they hit me the most. Their characters’ storylines were well-written, and they portrayed them excellently. They have shown a strong workplace culture, representing their job roles with utmost importance. They all know how to do their jobs and what not to do in their industry. They have shown how important it is to know your role/job description and how we all need to play that part well. Each role in the company is essential, or else it wouldn’t be there, and each function is connected to another, making it all work like a cog-like clockwork. They say that employees are the strength of every company, but I say that “highly functioning employees” help companies attain their goals. Maintaining the top entertainment agency certainly is not a walk in the park, but the team under StarForce Entertainment knew their roles well and how to play their parts. They also knew the consequences of their actions and looked after the welfare of both the artists and the company. They posed a great value of Malasakit to their superiors, co-workers, colleagues, artists, and fans. Their workplace culture is highly nurtured by their job roles well played. Yes, they were not perfect, and they may seem a shot in the dark to achieve, but wouldn’t it be so lovely to have the same workplace culture wherein everyone knows what to do and say, where to go, who to talk to, and why they work all come together into a full circle?

I couldn’t believe I got all these just from watching 16 episodes of the KDrama. Lol.

Now, I must say I am highly motivated to get back to work.

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