How to Love Your Work

Humans are technically designed for work. We are made to work, and we strive to work hard even when we are still young. We try our best to do well in school so that we can find a fitting job that can provide for our basic necessities. It has been an ideal mindset to go after the work of our dreams wherein we pursue our passions in life however, that’s not always the case. There will always be a constant struggle between following our passion and profit out of it – well, there are cases that these get aligned thus, the job satisfaction it brings. Yet, how about for others?

There was a study that showed huge discontent among the generation nowadays just because a lot have been wanting to pursue their passion in life yet, don’t know how to make a living out of it. Young professionals tend to quit early and try to start their own business just to follow their passion in life but of course, it entails a lot of costs and expenses before you can actually enjoy the profit from it. Others who do not have the luxury of being out of a job and starting something up, tend to transfer from one work to another; Hoping to find where they could fit in and feel happy about it. This kind of movement gives a negative impression to other employers about tenure and specialization. I know that at one point in our lives, we had asked ourselves how to love our job. Where we are right now could be according to plans but one thing is for sure, we only stay where we find happiness and satisfaction. Having this mindset will only make use of transfer from one job to another and we will never find satisfaction at all that’s why we need to start looking from where we are now. We need to learn how to love our job and see the brighter things in life.

So how do we actually learn to love our job? We start off by thinking about why are we here. Think of the purpose and the reason why we need to work. Some people do not care about the position title anymore and they are just after the satisfaction; the feeling of contributing something to the workplace is something recognizable to the millennials nowadays and they are already figuring out the big question of“purpose” in the workplace. What is your personal mission? We all have a reason why we do what we do and there will always be no right or wrong when it comes to personal convictions and beliefs as long as we are not against any law of the land. We also need to check what are the things that still interest us in the workplace. We cannot actually find it if we do not even look for it.

If you are currently troubled when it comes to the job title, well don’t let yourself be limited to it. There are a lot of new things you can contribute to the workplace even if it’s not stipulated in your job description. Keeping the fire burning within you by finding ways how can you actually pursue your passion without resigning. If you are passionate about managing events and being a people person, you can ask your HR if you can extend help in organizing the office Christmas Party and/or any company social events. If you are passionate about writing, you can actually still pursue your writing enthusiasm while on breaks and you can still earn from it. Every department would appreciate any help there will be available. 

You can also try and have yourself enrolled in continuous learning and education. Some companies allow sponsorships especially if you are already tenured to them, but just in case your company does not do not fret. You can still sponsor yourself to go. It is always great to invest in your own growth. The job you are currently in right now can actually help you pay for your studies and it can help you study on your own. There are a lot of online courses and even flexible programs you can invest in wherein you can hone your own passion and skills while still doing your current day job. Moreover, you can directly apply the knowledge while you’re on your day job. Sometimes, we just need a little nudge when it comes to sparking things up and that can be provided by new learning.

You can also seek help from the HR department regarding your career path within the organization. You can also seek help on how you can achieve a higher position or a co-leadership rank appropriate in your level and tenure. You can also be proactive in your current role by seeking different projects that are still undone and researching for things that can still be done in the future time. Seeking different opportunities outside your workplace is no different from seeking opportunities within it. Letting yourself grow within the company walls can increase your value due to your tenure and can also help you learn more about the company culture, and vision, and might get a shot at bringing change or improvements in the processes and/or management.

Lastly, we need to understand that finding purpose and motivation in order to love what you do is something intrinsic and cannot be solely pushed by extrinsic factors. Yes, external motivators can fuel up the fire but it will always be up to us to keep it burning. Not even prestigious job titles and salary offers can make us stay motivated unless we decide to stay. Nothing can motivate us better than ourselves and nothing can ever give our heart’s content better than our own personal motivations in life. These reasons why we go up, and drag ourselves to work on a daily basis is the exact same reason why we stay. We just need to be connected and be reminded of it day by day.

Having all this said, falling in love with our current work and job is easy. Now the question is, how do you stay in love with it?


  1. Ann Catherine Actub

    February 25, 2019 at 11:32 pm

    I honestly i really can relate to this topic. I want to work with what I really love to do, but it’s not practical for me. I need to get a job that really pays my bills. How I wish soon I will just do what I want.

    1. Lyza

      February 25, 2019 at 11:38 pm

      It has always, always been a struggle— and I guess it’ll never end unless you find that “sweet spot”. Maybe find a way to get revenue out of what you really love to do? Will be praying for you and your endeavors, hun. Thanks for taking the time to read!

    2. Lyza

      March 7, 2019 at 11:08 pm

      I feel you, dear. On my end, I still try to find ways on how to monetize my passion like doing art commissions or continue ghost writing for others or HR consulting. I hope you could find different sources of income as well that is in line with what you really want to do.

  2. Mic Villamayor

    March 4, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Lucky are those who love their work. I currently work in a comfortable field but I’m not sure if I am in love with it. It’s not that I hate it but I’m not too passionate about it either. I guess there are just things which I want to explore and learn more but I couldn’t because I have bills to pay. If only could get paid for studying forever, I would.

    1. Lyza

      March 7, 2019 at 11:10 pm

      Hitting that “sweet spot” takes a lot of courage and experimentation. Praise God I have found mine 🙂 keep your day job and try to find ways on how to monetize your passion. I know it’ll not probably pay the bills that much yet but at least you have started off somewhere.

      Actually, I am thinking of looking for a sponsor and going back to school. I would really take any course as long as someone is paying for it. Lol! Studying is my stress-reliever.

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