Be Spirit-Filled

Last Sunday’s message is a great reminder of how important knowing the Holy Spirit is. Honestly, it is one of the commonly confused notions or idea by everyone else and if you truly are a follower of Christ, the real meaning and importance of this should not only remain as a head knowledge but a direct and clear manifestation through our life application. I am deeply blessed by how Bro. Josh shared the message and listening on it made me think of how applicable is it in my life. I have been in the Christian Faith not too long ago and the world has its way of pulling me back yet, I am beyond grateful for Jesus’ love for being stronger and more powerful than the temptations that come and go.

I used to think that The Holy Spirit is somewhat like my conscience and it can be drawn in the shape of a white dove. Funny as it seems, I realized how petty I knew about the Holy Spirit. I am thankful that God saved me from who I was before and how I am experiencing His faithfulness up until today. Moreover, I am blessed to have these bible studies for free and accountability groups. I now know that The Holy Spirit is God and it will never be less powerful than God the Father and God the Son and what it truly means by living a spirit-filled life! Bro. Josh’ message gave a clear distinction of what life is with and without the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Looking back, I felt the joy and comfort being reminded that The Holy Spirit is with me and in me – nothing can ever separate me from it and it will definitely set me apart from this world.

I was reminded that the Christian life is not difficult, it is Impossible especially if we walk on this world alone. Learning the book of Acts shows how powerful the Holy Spirit can work in our lives if we only let it. Jesus never left his disciples and even Him, who ascended to God’s right hand, till fulfilled the promise of never leaving not forsaking them. God wants us to walk with the spirit and surrender complete dependence on it. Let the Holy Spirit take the wheel and gain control over our lives. I was reminded that it is not how much of Him you have, but it is how much of your life is yielded to Him. Living a Spirit-filled life cannot be faked nor pretended as it will definitely bear recognizable fruits such as love, joy, and peace. Thinking of what’s happening in my life right now, I am thankful. I can no longer imagine my life without the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom.

Since the day I said accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I have been filled with this unexplainable joy and love in my heart. Recommitting myself to Jesus is a privilege and I am honored to serve the One and only master who deserves it all.

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