How to Stay Motivated to Accomplish Anything

Nowadays, attention span and focus are becoming a rare luxury to everyone. No matter how big or small the task is, we are having difficulties in accomplishing something due to the distractions from technically, everywhere. Day after day, we tend to find the purpose why we are alive and as relational beings, we always try to find it from somebody else or somewhere else wherein we could find at least new motivation to keep moving forward. In this digital age, we get distracted so easily and anxiety levels shoot up whenever we hear notification alerts from mobile devices.

Another thing that affects the generation’s motivation is the misleading shortcuts of success. These are the things people would market to the generation which seems like there is a shortcut to success – one or few clicks and you’ll be a millionaire and it would require minimal effort on our end; Which brings us to the point that today’s generation is quite slacking off with the hard work. Motivation and actually accomplishing something are keys to success and it will never be an easy road going there but that is what motivation is for.

Normally, we get motivated easily but it goes the same with getting discouraged and stopping the work that we already started. So how do we really stay motivated and actually accomplishing anything? There is one word for it that will encourage and motivate you to accomplish anything and that is –GOAL.

It was always said by our elders that whenever we plan something, we should keep the end in mind. It is looking at a task at a holistic level and having a clear goal in mind can already change the mindset. When a goal-setting in mind is done properly, then Motivation becomes intrinsic. intrinsic motivation is difficult to defeat and it always has a strong foundation since it is within the self. Motivation, although must be intrinsic, is also affected by external factors such as our friends, society, technology, and even our family. External Factors may give us a motivation boost or it may drag our motivation down but still, it will be up to us on how could we let these things affect us. Setting the GOAL must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound (SMART) so that we wouldn’t need the whole world for our motivation.

Thinking about the GOAL we have set will always keep everything in place. It was always said that “when we fail to plan, then we plan to fail” and that is something we shouldn’t be looking forward to because once we have established that GOAL, then everything will follow. Small tasks or work can always build up to the benefit of the whole Goal. Motivation should always root from the Goal and the purpose of doing it, again, intrinsic. Sometimes, we do get discouraged yet if you will think back of the small tasks that you have accomplished, it will always be a great feeling and you’d start to appreciate how far you have come. Our goal may not be achieved right away but without any action, it will only be a dream. A goal that is planned and acted upon will be a project and your motivation to achieve that goal will actually help you accomplish it even little by little. Baby steps towards your goal are way better than taking no steps at all!

Motivation can be intrinsically cultivated from extrinsic factors like experiences from other people. You can actually watch and listen to some motivational videos from the internet or read motivational life stories. They can be a helpful guide wherein your intrinsic motivation can start revving up again. This can also come from support groups who experienced the same discouragements or even listen to other people’s personal testimony of how they actually overcome discouragement and failures. Honestly, it is better to hear live and personal journeys to inspire others and share the best practices hoping that they won’t commit the same mistakes they had before. Moreover, we get inspired and motivated by their struggles and how their small wins help them achieve their own goal. Motivation from a life idol builds your intrinsic motivation and helps by giving you a nudge. Sometimes their achievements are way too high from what we could actually reach when reality hits you but their success stories of accomplishments because of their own motivators, bring upliftment to the spirit and feel like everything is yet, achievable.

While it is true that we learn by example, we also learn from experiences. Allow yourself to fail and learn from it. Use the failures as intrinsic motivation so that you can get encouraged again and can be reminded how far you have come and how far should you still go. We need to accept that life will never be perfect and there will always mistake but it’s okay, the greatest motivation is that there will always be tomorrow and as long as you have life, there are many chances we could get. Moreover, what separates the human being from other creations is that we are the prime beings – we plan, we decide, and we act.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success and if you really want to accomplish anything, it must start with something. The motivation you need to really put yourself out there and without it, you can never act on the Goal you set to achieve. Your goal can only be realized if you chose to stay motivated day after day without letter any extrinsic factors affect you and your focus on the goal. This digital era may always give us the shortcuts and lifehacks in order to accomplish a task, however, it is really with a motivation that can result in hard work. Hard work can never be faked and can never be attributed to any half-baked work unless it is fully accomplished. Small accomplishments are better than no accomplishment at all and it can be a compounding wins towards the main goal. It’s okay to have too many mini goals in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

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