Where to Search for your Next Living Space in Los Angeles?

I had the chance and opportunity to live in L.A. after graduating from college, and it was all thanks to my dad. I did not expect at first that I would be able to step into foreign soil since I was born and raised in the Philippines. It was worthwhile to live in a place where you have relatives and with people you recognize. Living in L.A., even for a short while had to take time to grow on me. I also had the chance to take a tour, courtesy of dad, and was able to enjoy my stay. I was able to recommend good tourist spots to my friends as well when they saw my social media posts. However, whenever I was asked by other friends who are also thinking of staying in L.A. – either for short or long-term reasons, I couldn’t suggest a good place where they could actually live. It was then I realized that I don’t know much about L.A. – enough that I could recommend good and safe places to stay since I did not have any problems looking for one myself. During my stay, I was accommodated by a family friend and took me in very nicely. Still, determined to help out some friends, I had to try searching for some places around L.A. that I could suggest.

In the middle of my online search and despite the number of links given by the search engines, there were good websites wherein I could see the listings however, I was hesitant because those might not be reliable. I landed on this specific website wherein I could easily navigate around L.A. through its comprehensive listing. It also has a lot of features wherein you could tinker according to your likings such as the number of bedrooms, budget considerations, and whatnot. Gone are the days wherein you would need to search residential listings through newspapers and do apartment hunting on foot. Gone are the days wherein you need to call the listing one by one to schedule a visit. For one, I know that there are a lot of things you need to consider before viewing your desired apartment. For someone like me who is not familiar with the neighborhood just yet, Zumper.com has been highly helpful to search some residential listings and was able to inquire without even going out of the house. Not only Zumper.com can provide lists of apartments, but they can also give you a comprehensive list of rooms for rent, and even condos. It also mentions the amenities and all the basic things one looks for before renting a space out.

I could say that the listings on Zumper.com are reliable as their inventories are updated in real-time and they go through a process of screening before they allow advertisers to list their properties. They also encourage the property owners or the property managers to screen the renters first before they push through with the rent. Applications to rent can be sent online, as well as through the screening process. They also have a mobile application for convenience. As for someone who wants to help out friends in apartment hunting around L.A., I would instantly recommend Zumper.com and you would no longer feel the hassle of apartment hunting ever again!

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