Business Planning at Hotel Casiana

Last October 28-29, our management team went to Hotel Casiana for our first out-of-town Business Planning. Since I joined the workforce days after graduating from college, it has been a blessing to experience and learn how each company I have joined does its ManComs and Business Planning. I cannot tell which of them is the best though, because each is own and they are apt to its respective business models.

By far, this is my first out-of-town Business Planning, and it’s a blessing to allow me to arrange for it. I know this is one of HR’s tasks, and I love attending meetings like this. I was there not only to listen but to be part of it. Presenting my HR plans to the management and how HR works is something I look forward to. My vision as an HR professional is to promote HR as one of the functioning business units for administrative and strategic aspects. My mission is to help the management as their strategic business partner who voices the employees’ concerns while balancing out what is also best for the company.

We all ended on a positive note and learned a lot from everyone. I must say that the recently concluded Business Planning was a success! I am happy to have served the management team good food and have joined in making good memories during the overnight session. Lol. I am pleased with our team and how our boss synergizes everyone together.

I am sharing here Hotel Casiana‘s excellent amenities! I failed to take photos of their delicious food because I was so into the presentations, and I swear, everything we ate was glorious! The customer service is impeccable, and I did not even feel not a slight hassle with anything. You may book your stay here:

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