The Legacy We Leave

Ptr. Peter’s message about Leaving a Godly Legacy was the perfect way to end the #LIFEGOALS series. I praise God for the series as it offered concrete ways on how to deal with timely issues such as success, finances, family relationships, and even work. It is great to know how God magnificently allows everything to work according to His plans and we are called to live the life He has graciously blessed us with. This particular message prodded me to intentionally fix my eyes on the One who matters most, and that is Jesus. Ptr. Peter reminded us that the life we are living now will be the legacy that we will be leaving.

It made me think about what people could say about me when I die. From the moment Ptr. Peter told us about the epitaph anecdote, it made me ponder all throughout. I answered something like this in a GLC1 activity, but I realized how I could consider my life more seriously. This gave me a slight pang of guilt. I felt guilty knowing that I have wasted too much time conforming to this world but knowing that this can still be changed gave me a wider perspective of Hope. Indeed, God is a God of chances and His love never fails to people who seek His heart. I continue to run this race called life, while fixing my eyes on Jesus, but since I am not safe from all the temptations and worldly limitations, sometimes I slow down and even go on detours. Ptr. Peter’s message was one of those taps by Jesus on my shoulder reminding me not to slow down and to keep pressing on.

Leaving a godly legacy entails hard work and discipline. Ptr. Peter gave us three reminders on how to leave a Godly legacy. Having our PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with Jesus is something we mustn’t neglect. The joy that we felt when He saved us is worthy of sharing with other people who also need saving. Commitment to PURSUING INTIMACY with Jesus is not just simply knowing about Him and what He has done but really getting to know Him through prayer, quiet time, breakthroughs, and obeying His commands. Jesus will continuously reveal Himself to those who accept and believe. I bet that at least once in our lives, we experienced some kind of — but it was in this brokenness that we drew nearer to Jesus. God chose sinners and the impure to represent His power because only through our brokenness can He fill in the spaces with His love.

Lastly, I learned that I should PASS INTENTIONALLY this overflowing joy I received as it is the fitting response to the One who deserves it all. One of the ways I do this is through my personal blog and it is honestly overwhelming to hear inspired readers. I will write my own epitaph and make sure that up until the end, only God’s name will be Glorified. It is true, only what is done for Christ will last. We will all eventually die but dying to proclaim His Glory and love is a true success and fulfilled the mission. I can’t wait to have Jesus welcome us in the gates of Heaven saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Come into the joy of your Master.”


What about yours?

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