All in His Plans.

This week is full of nonstop rain and I praise God for always guiding my family to safety during this typhoon. How’s the weather in your area? I pray that you all keep yourself dry and safe. My mom is now sick in this flu season and I am asking for your prayers for her fast healing. By the way, today is my Mommy’s birthday!

Now you’ll know where the good genes came from.

Thank God for letting me rest today from work since I worked last Independence Day for our first ever Motortrade Job fair. It was a successful event and I am so proud of my team who worked really hard on that day. God is great for providing for us that day with strength, energy, guidance, and provisions. We couldn’t attend to all 250++ applicants if it weren’t for God’s grace! Honestly, I am really not the type of employee who you can count on to work on Holidays and Weekends but I had to obey and plan for a better turnout since I know I had to catch up with the numbers. If the event did not push through, I was supposed to file today a leave because of the B1G True Life Retreat that’s going to happen tomorrow and since I still have no leave credits yet, my Holiday for tomorrow will be unpaid and I already accepted that fact. But hey, guess what? God has better plans for me since I obeyed. God provided for a Holiday and all means to allow our event to be successful and my boss said I can have my offset today for the previous Holiday work. Since it’s an offset, then my Holiday tomorrow will be paid! Amazing!

So proud of this team!

Today, I managed to do all the things I know God planned for me. He gave me this rest and so I dedicated this day to Him. I submitted a report in the morning and went to the bank for a quick errand and spent a quick timeout with John.

Grabbed a quick drink

God also impressed on my heart that I had to meet one of my #B1GFridays Table 22 girls today and everything fit perfectly in the schedule.

God saved us from our sins because He loves us so much.

Ice accepted Christ and we talked about James chapter 1. I admire the toughness of her heart and I praise God for her life. I couldn’t imagine myself being in her shoes while maintaining a strong heart. She is experiencing Jesus’ love and she decided to follow Jesus at all cost! Sharing with everyone the scripture and my learning from it:

“Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” James? ?1:2-4? ?NLT??

This is the verse that struck me most. It reminded me of of-of all the adversaries and challenges that I am currently experiencing and I was reassured that everything is for my good. I need to persevere and endure all things with joy and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I know I can do all things in Christ alone. God is a great father to us and He wanted us to grow tough and armed as His children so that we can be safe from anything that could harm us. He stretches our Faith and He allows adversaries to our lives to test the genuineness of the intentions of our hearts.

I pray for my endurance in finishing this race strong and for a persevering heart that I may able to really show and manifest the transformation in me and through me. I pray for consistency in my actions as a follower of Christ and that I may never lose sight of the prize – and that is Jesus.

I guess my mom forgot all about the retreat tomorrow and it gave her a wrong impression that I was not telling her my plans — but I did tell her before the training started, while ongoing training, and even reminded her last week. All verbal though, because I don’t want it to be informal in text messages. I know God has a reason for everything and I pray that I can show more of the fruits I am bearing as a follower of Christ. Maybe I am not showing enough for my mom to see. Maybe I still lack intentionality and I know I have to be braver in sharing His message with her. May the Holy Spirit guide me with wisdom and strength to endure all these so that my Faith can grow more. May I not lose heart to persevere more amidst the discouragements.

My prayer points:

  • – A persevering heart in following Jesus
  • – Intentionality and Consistency in my actions
  • – Change in my character as a faci, a follower, a leader, a manager, a friend, and a daughter
  • – The #BestWeatherEver for the #BestWeekendEver
  • – The whole Big True Life Retreat to magnify nothing but God’s amazing love for us
  • – Breakthrough in my family’s salvation
  • – My mom’s fast healing
  • – Breakout ladies from Bethel 309
  • – A DGroup of my own

Thank you in advance for praying for me. Let me know how can I pray for you. Drop your prayer requests in the comments sections or in the “Prayer Request” section of this blog site.

Nyelpi while waiting

Anyway, I have to finish packing my things up for tomorrow! I shall be back next week!


  1. Marineth Gonzales

    June 15, 2018 at 1:02 am

    ? I find relief and encouragement in reading this. Thanks for sharing and expounding those thoughts in a blog like this. How I wish to go back writing maybe when I do have more time. To sit and brew some thoughts and put it into paper. With the help of the Holy Spirit.

    See you soon beautiful! Enjoy retreat!

    1. Lyza

      June 15, 2018 at 1:07 am

      I’m happy to see you reading it, dear Maren. I always pray before writing a post – that I may always magnify Jesus to anyone who would be reading. Praise God you’re one of them! ? Miss you already! Can’t wait to hear more of your stories and updates. Keep on praying, okay? ??

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