Twenty Eight: A Day After

Yesterday was a great birthday for me and I can’t thank God enough for allowing all those happy memories come into my life. Today marks my day 1 as a 28-year old. Can I just say? I feel so right with my age! 🙂 I remembered being disoriented with my age at around 23 or 24 and it seemed not right but I know I was just fixated on the wrong things back then.

I woke up early today because of the nonstop rains and the NDRRMC kept on sending text messages that it is already coded RED here in Manila. This typhoon is really something; I pray that everyone is safe and dry. I actually opted not to go out today and just continue studying and preparing for the B1G True Life Retreat this June 15-17 but I know I need to do something for my mom and tita.

Of course, I will start with my daily devotion:

“But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.” 1 John? ?1:9? ?NLT

The “him” in the scripture is God. Jesus was saying to his disciples that God is light and if we are saying that we are living as Christians but not really having God in our hearts, then we are truthful to our Faith at all. We need God to shed light over the darkest part of our lives. We become dark inside because of all our sins that we do not want to let go. We need to surrender everything to Him not because it’s a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. My sins are not part of myself anymore as long as I lift and confess everything to Him. I know that His acceptance precedes repentance but as a Father to me, He still needs to hear it out from me. True Repentance is one way to prove that I am obeying Him. It is difficult to lift up and let go of my deepest and darkest sins ’cause honestly, I still disappoint myself and I feel like a terrible sinner unworthy of His love; I praise God for always providing me the guidance of the Holy Spirit and reminding me that I am loved every time and as I confess my sins to Him, as I turn away completely from my sins, I get closer and closer to Him. You’re a good Father, Lord. It is really who you Are.

“I have had one message for Jews and Greeks alike—the necessity of repenting from sin and turning to God, and of having faith in our Lord Jesus.” Acts of the Apostles? ?20:21? ?NLT??

I pray to be the salt and light twhoeverer is reading this and that I may continuously glorify and magnify God’s greatness each time I speak of His works in me and through me. Lord, you know I am a daughter that needs constant reminders from you and I thank you for always tapping my back when I tend to forget your perspective. Cleanse my mind with the wickedness when I think wrongfully at work and when things get rough, I tend to face challenges with my human strength instead of drawing strength from you. I cannot do this alone. I can never be like You, Lord, but I know I can follow you and mirror your ways through the help of the Holy Spirit. You know the desires of my heart and I know you are listening to my prayers. This joy inside my heart is something only You can give. I praise and worship you, Lord, and I pray for a meek heart yearning nothing but to serving you. I thank you and I love you, this I pray through your son, Jesus, Amen.

I was studying and preparing my heart for the B1G True Life Retreat and the Study Bible helps A LOT! I am also transferring notes from my old notebook to a new one with my True Life Retreat notes from last year; it helps me memorize and recall the learnings. If you saw how I looked like with the Bibles and notebooks, you’ll see me like a nerdy bookworm. Haha! I had to finish few notes and went out for lunch with my mom and tita. They went home afterwards ’cause they will have their nails done at a different salon.

I also had a chance to grab the voucher I got from BeautyMNL which did not specifically said that I cannot use it on a weekend (I only knew it when I got there) BUT since I was in a very clear exchange of text message with their Branch Secretary, they still accommodated and honored the voucher. They were apologetic for the miscommunication and they attended me with quality customer service! Kudos to Tips ‘N Toes Libis Branch!Keep it up!

Since it’s still the weekend, I had to maximize it and there is no better way to spend it but with my mom and tita – who have always been physically taking care of me ever since. I immediately planned a spur-of-the-moment date for us to have a Quality Time. Quick favors were done and thank God we got squeezed in the full schedule + good thing there’s Eatigo to make early reservations with good discounts. Since I am already in the area, I already booked them through Grab and had them picked up at home.

Finally, my mom and tita arrived! Well, they were earlier than expected. I was anticipating the traffic brought by the nonstop rain and honestly, I wanted to have my mom outside the house even before she falls in to deep sleep. Lol.

One of the best, I must say, not because I know the owners but really, I won’t spend for something that is not worth it. De Novo Wellness Spa is a Must-Place to visit! I will always go back and bring friends and family when there’s a chance.

Post-massage photo. Happy and Satisfied.

It is important for me that my mom likes the service because she is one of the people I know who values good Customer Service — and she loved it! The only downside is that it’s quite far from home. My tita actually got a masseur and she felt no difference with a masseuse and she was also happy with the service. She was just freezing with the coldness of the room. Lol.

A sumptuous dinner by Backyard Kitchen + Brew right after the relaxing massage is a great way to cap off the night. It was my first time to use Eatigo and it turned out perfectly!

Barefaced. I’m actually only wearing BLK’s Intense All-Day Matte in DARING. Yep, lasted all day as claimed!

Went home relaxed, happy, and satisfied. I thank God for providing tonight — the Time, the Means, and the Family.

You are an Amazing God!



De Novo Wellness Spa

  • The Grove by Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr.Avenue (C5), 1604 Pasig, Philippines, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig City
  • For Reservations: (0915) 118 3716

Tips ‘N Toes (Libis)

  • 107 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City
  • For Reservations: (0956) 518 1163

Backyard Kitchen + Brew

  • The Grove by Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr.Avenue (C5), 1604 Pasig, Philippines, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig City

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