A New Home, Finally!

Welcome to my new home!  All praises to God who had given me the provision to finally get my domain. It has been a dream and I have never thought I could do this. I knew I can buy but it was never the right time – until this month. I had this vision that if I have to share God’s words through blogging in a stable niche. I had backslid in updating this blog as I always try to re-align my purpose here in accordance with God’s plans. My old blog site is still alive, up, and running;  I just need to redirect those post to this blog and I know it will entail A LOT of work. Setting this new blog up was quite tedious and I would personally thank my friend, Sai, for walking me through everything I needed to know about Domain Hosting and all those digital shiznit! Please, enjoy your stay and read my revamped ABOUT ME page. Lol. I have never enjoyed writing the ‘About Me’ page ever since I started blogging but this time, it’s different. You can actually send me your prayer requests here!; This will also encourage more quiet time and intentionality in praying for others. Oh yeah,  I also have a Gallery page here where I’ll share B1GFriday photos to remember all the wonderful ladies I have met on this journey.

So while I was in a semi-hiatus from blogging, I was kind of pre-occupied by work and ministry. I still serve as a Chronicle Writer in CCF Eastwood and now I serve as a B1GFridays Facilitator in CCF Center. God has always been a provider not just financially but the strength and wisdom that guides me as I facilitate in breakout groups. Volunteering as a Facilitator has been a clear command to me by God ever since and I knew I cannot delay in following Him. Ehem, laging tagos sa akin yung, “delayed obedience is disobedience.” Haha!

I can share my journey as a B1GFridays facilitator in another post but so far, God has always been my constant during these times of stress, pressures, and sleepless nights. I know I couldn’t make it on a day-to-day without God’s unending Grace. While I still enjoy working in my new workplace, I admit that there are times that I was on the threshold of giving up but God won’t let me even entertain those thoughts. He is stretching my Faith and it is honestly, a very humbling experience to work with my friend, now my boss. God is ultimately teaching me something and I have yet to discover the lessons as I get to know Him deeper in the workplace and in the work situations I am now.

Each of you, dear brothers and sisters, should remain as you were when God first called you.” 1 Corinthians 7:24

I know I had to grow where God placed me and to admit that He is all I need in order to prosper. God provided me this new “digital” home so that I can be consistent in my blog updates and refrain from being lazy in sharing and making excuses in sharing His words. Yep, I must stop being lukewarm on blogging God’s teachings and start becoming consistent with my prayer and quiet time. God knows I will feel guilty if I will not work on this with consistency since I already paid for it. Habits start with practice.

Discipline with my time and Spiritual Disciplines is all I need and I know God will never cease reminding me.

Please for me that I may finish strong in this race and to continuously grow a persevering heart for Jesus.

Oh, how great and amazing His love is!

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