The New has Come!

Whenever we celebrate The New Year, it is oftentimes associated with the beginning of a #NewLife – we begin to make resolutions so we can better ourselves when the New Year rolls around. Do we start them? Do we even finish them? Why do we only try and better ourselves at the start of every year?

Bro. Aumar reminded us that it is not only every New Year that we should renew ourselves. When we first gave our lives to Christ, we said goodbye to our old self and the new self has come. We died with Christ and we received new life with the Spirit.

In a year, we may experience challenges, but we should be thankful because every day, we can renew ourselves as Christ reigns supreme in our lives. Last Sunday’s message encouraged me to really live out my new life in Christ in all ways possible, and not just be bounded by resolutions with the coming of a new year.

In the way we relate to others, we should manifest Christ’s image. We must do what we preach. In terms of the way we respond to our circumstances, we should respond as Christ would respond. The famous tagline of “WWJD” or “What Would Jesus Do?” might come in handy in certain circumstances and challenges that we face. Living out our new life must also reflect how we relish God’s word. We must feel that conviction of doing the right thing not just because it’s a command, but because we would glorify God in the way we live out His words and teachings. And lastly, we should manifest Christ’s image in the way we represent God in our lives. This honestly struck me the most. While listening to the message, it made me feel that it was kind of difficult of living out Christ in my life but then I realized, it really is impossible to be like Christ. That being said, I should still think of how I could best represent God in my life and make other people see the changes in me — my fruit as a Christian should overflow in my life. I want others to ask me who my God is so that I would gladly share about Him.

So this new year, how do you plan to live out your new life?

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