I Write for Him

I am happy to share that I am now part of the Chronicle team! The Chronicle is the official booklet or pamphlet of CCF wherein they put their announcements, events, a write-up of learning from the previous Sunday celebration, and a spot wherein you can write your notes down while listening to the sermon.

To everyone who knows, I do love to write. I love to write just about anything that would interest me. Whenever I write, I love to share them with other people thus, I created a blog and I started way back in high school up to at least a year ago – transferring from one popular blog site to another. As I have said, I write about anything and I do get in trouble in sometimes because of it. Lol. To cut the long story short, I stopped blogging last year.
I did not stop because of the troubles, I stopped because I lost purpose. I lost the purpose of it and I grew tiresome of sharing detailed information about my life.

Last year I really decided to follow Jesus, I attended a True Life Retreat last April and the lessons I learned are all worthy to share. Well, it started with a challenge from my breakout table facilitator to share the learning with at least one family member. I was honestly afraid to share it however out of obedience, I still did it – also with my friends! It gave me the sense of excitement whenever my friends and family respond to my message saying that they were blessed by it. I felt like I need to reach out to more readers so I posted it on my Facebook page as a note. I was happy to do it.

Last May, I bumped into a friend after the Sunday celebration and Ptr Jess unexpectedly passed by and said hi. My friend, John, introduced me to Ptr. Jess, and I was so glad to be introduced personally to CCF Eastwood’s senior pastor. I complimented him in his talk on the True Life Retreat and that I learned a lot from his message. Suddenly, John blurted out that I wrote my learning on Facebook. Then, without skipping a heartbeat, Ptr. Jess looked at me and said, “So you write? I want you to write for the Chronicle!” and gave me his usual big smile. I was taken aback and was at first hesitant to do it. I doubted my talent and I had to pray for God’s provisions. I was reminded that saying ‘yes’ to writing for Chronicle would be a commitment. With Czar and John’s help, I met and had the chance to talk to Ate Neyx who oversees the Chronicle for CCF Eastwood.

My screening started last June 4 and I submitted a write-up about the Sunday celebration that will serve as my ticket to the ministry. June 4 was also the same date as I get back into blogging once again; But now with purpose and that is sharing God’s love through my learning from CCF and from my own journey as I now walk with the Spirit. To know more of why I started blogging again, read my previous post, “Now Writing…” Back to my story, I was enthusiastic to write about the message that I finished days before my deadline! Haha! But then I still have doubts; I want it to be contextually right and glorifying to God so I still seek help from Czar to read it first and ask for her thoughts.

After a week, I got the best birthday gift! I passed the screening and I was given my first real chance to write and have it printed! I still feel so blessed thinking about it and I am more than happy to volunteer my God-given talent to honor His name. I am proud to say that I am now writing not just for me but ultimately, for Him! Being in the ministry is not a weekly task because we need to take turns. However, I still feel ecstatic whenever Ate Neyx would tell me that it’s my turn to write. I know I will grow well in this ministry and I would like to inspire other people to be active in the church as well. I prayed hard for a ministry and here it is.

My very first piece getting published!

For both the Chronicle and for this blog, I write for Him.

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