Now Writing…

As you all know, this is not my first time to put up a blog but this is the first time I will not write plainly for myself but also for others. I took down my previous blog ( despite the long run I had with it simply because I lost the purpose of it. I was happy running my own blog site and finally having my own space where I could vent and publicly use it as an outlet. However, things do change. My last blog post was August 5, 2016, and I am so excited to share with everyone how my life changed ever since then. 3 months after my last blog post, I found a new life, met new people and took a lot of decisions all by myself. For how many months prior to my last blog post, I led my own way and I did fail. I failed because I now know that I couldn’t do it myself. I failed because I placed my joy on temporary things and negatively changed my vision of life in the long run.
But this is now different…
After how many months of praying if going back online will be good for me, the Lord finally answered ‘yes’. This is now a space for me not just to write about my life experience but also a good outlet of my learning as I now walk with Christ. I do love writing and I still haven’t given up that aspiration just yet – I just found this perfect opportunity to reach people across the globe how wonderful God is.

This may serve as my personal journal as I get to know the Lord and may this be of help to other people who are experiencing the same thirst for Him.
Now, I am continuing to do what I love and I am proud to say that Jesus is now taking over my life.
“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

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