My Friday Nights are Booked!

This is the story of how I came to learn about B1G Fridays.

I was getting lost on Facebook one day and I came across to this event posted by CCF Page, actually I was not following B1G Ministry page yet back then. The event was a talk on Relationships and it was February!

I instantly got hooked! Coming from a situation of ‘working things out’ with my boyfriend and this is actually one of my jumpstarts in my journey of knowing the Lord. Back then, I was hesitant.

First, I don’t know anyone at CCF Center and it will be my first time going there. Second, I am not sure if I am ready to open up myself to others – the struggle I am into. Third, I know I have to take a cab going there so it will make an impact on my expenses. Then, a good friend and a co-dancer back in college (DCOY), Reika, also wanted to go and asked me if I am interested and I said YES. It was perfect! It was also her first time to attend B1GFridays despite the fact that she attends at CCF Center for her Sunday service. I thought it was great timing.

February 10 came and the room was jam-packed! Long lines in the registration and oh! Free snack! Haha. Anyway, I met Reika there and went on a table together. It wasn’t really my usual Friday night and I was not sure what time does this usually ends. Anyway, went through everything for the sake of experience. I met new people on the table where we sat (actually there was a table number assigned but we did not follow it and just sat elsewhere. Oops.). It started with some Praise and Worship songs and the Iron Saints, CCF Center’s dance ministry, did an opening number that pulled Reika into a line of people dancing and running around the room. I joined the Human Bingo game and I said to myself that it will all be a waste if I just sat there and be shy, so I stood up and roam around asking for people’s name. I was surprised to see Japs and Czar, I both met them in CCF Eastwood. Really happy to see familiar faces! Czar even asked me if I already have a table because she is inviting me to join hers. Anyway, I’ll be writing more about a story how I met Czar on a different post.

Moving back to my story, I enjoyed the talk by Ptr. Ickhoy de Leon and there’s supposed to be a breakout session wherein you answer some breakout questions with your small groups. That’s what the table is for. There’s a facilitator in charge who will serve as a mediator of the questions and answers peoples’ questions about the message. Too bad that the message got too extended that we had no time for the breakout session. But I did enjoy the night! Before the session closed, the topic for the following week was announced and it was yet again, super interesting! It was about “Achievement Unlocked” for couples and I knew I had to invite John. I imagined myself being committed to attend B1GFridays and really crunching in the budget for my cab fares. I saw a goal of meeting new people by switching tables every Friday – again, another story for the next blog post. Lol. The following week came and yes, I started to feel committed to it. And yes, John and I attended the second topic. So fulfilling!

I am attending B1GFridays ever since and I do invite my officemates and friends who want to have a different kind of Friday. Well, I am not pushy with the invites – just like to throw it out in the open and just wait if they are interested. B1GFridays have been a huge part of my year and I feel so welcomed even if I do not personally know each one of the people there. B1GFridays is a safe space for me wherein judgment is the last thing they would do as they see and/or hear your story. Each life lesson shared is valuable and trust is given right away as they accept you to be part of their family.

At Burger King. Food Fellowship after B1GFridays.
The photo was from by Ptr. Ickhoy de Leon

I thank B1GFridays for the weekly lessons they are willing to share with all who wanted to learn and hear about the Lord. I would never regret spending my birthday with them last Friday. I keep feeling blessed by B1G Ministry that I had to give back that blessing. Definitely no regrets!

Halatang na-surprise ako di ba? Sobrang best actress yung mga kasama ko haha!


Table # 32

So there. My Friday nights are booked! If you want to hang out with me on a Friday night, you now know where I will most probably take you – if you just want to. 😉



  1. Ickhoy De Leon

    June 14, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Praise God! Thanks for this encouraging write up. I pray that you will continue to put Jesus in the center of everything Lyza. God bless you more sister 🙂

  2. Lyza

    June 14, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Hello, Ptr. Ickhoy! 🙂 Thanks po for your time reading this. I'm so happyyy! 🙂 God Bless rin po 🙂

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