Gift of Friends

Friendship never ends with these lovely ladies!

I celebrated my birthday with my ever loving High School friends! I have been friends with them since Elementary and up until High School. Decades of friendship that was tested by time and circumstances. Center Stage at Jupiter Place Makati was generous enough to accommodate my karaoke night with them. I loved our room! It was so spacious and perfect for our classic Spice Girls production numbers HAHAHA! Seriously!
All love for these ladies and being with them again keeps me reminded that they are one of the choices in my life that I know,  I made it right! I am so blessed to meet them and to be their friend. I learned a lot from them and they indeed got my back whatever happens.
This right here is my first family of friends and surely, there are no regrets being in a circle of nerds! Yeah, you read that right – I AM A NERD. Lol. We were bounded with our interests in learning the Japanese language, Animes, and studying really hard and more. I majority of my talents and character while growing up with them. High School was made perfect with these ladies and I would be happy to re-live those moments again. As we move to conquer our careers, we do not see that often as before but whenever we get together, we never get tired of reminiscing our High School years and mind you, that was solid 10 years of friendship in HighSchool!

Celebrating life with how we know best – a Karaoke night! We used to spend our coins in Karaoke back then in SM Sta. Mesa and we share laughter beyond compare. Surely, a circle of trust and security. I found a home with them and I am truly blessed to find sisters like them. They never, even once, misled me in life.

We were incomplete for that night and we hope to have more gatherings like this. I am also happy that Czar joined us that night and met few of my treasures in life. Thank you Lord for this amazing gift!







My 4th cake for the month!

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