Gift of Family

A birthday celebration with the family is a must!

Thanks to my cousin, Ate Gara, she organized and gifted me an overnight stay at a hotel. I invited few family over because of the time constraints and the hotel location. Also, there will be work again the following day that’s why others couldn’t join us. Anyway, here were the scenes from the fun birthday celebration!
We had a lot of eating and games for everyone! Mama and tita prepared food for everyone and Chubs ordered pizza to add in our dinner. My best friend, Maan, made a surprise appearance to my celebration and I am more than happy to see her join my cousins in the games. We played Chubby Bunny, Pie Face Game, and UNO. I only have photos of us playing UNO Cards because we caught the other games in a video.

It was a simple gathering and I am extra thankful for those who came even with a short notice. I am happy with the simple celebration and again, my 27th birthday celebration is not done yet! Tomorrow, I shall post about my celebration with my High School friends!

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