Christmas Redefined

Merry Christmas, my dear Readers!

We are still under the Pandemic due to COVID-19 but Praise God for His mercy and love for allowing us to recover bit by bit, piece by piece, and day by day. Last year, Christmas was just imagined as the safety protocols were still new to everyone but since we, Filipinos, are undeniably resilient, we have Christmas redefined in a way that it could be fitting for us and our culture. Christmas Redefined in a way that we had discovered to live blending the virtual parties with face-to-face parties. Christmas Redefined in a way that it’s understandable if the kids won’t be able to physically visit their godparents. Christmas Redefined in a way that it’s understandable not to be able to attend certain gatherings due to safety considerations. Christmas Redefined in a way that we could never expect everything to happen but we are doing it out of creativity and out of resiliency.

Christmas this year is far different from what we had last year however, with VisMin being stunned by the Typhoon Odette, not everyone had experienced a somehow restored Christmas season. Being a Filipino, no doubt that we can bounce back from anything but being humans, I am praying that #BagonVisMin will be a success and that many would be able to extend and to receive help. Should you want to donate, here’s a reliable campaign that I know shared by other bloggers here in the Philippines:

As for me, just when I thought I would be spending the Holidays as per usual, I was wrong. I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! 🙈💍

It’s kind of expected in a way, because we are openly discussing our future plans when we get married but still unexpected that it happened last night, December 24. I’ll be posting more of this real soon and how it is like to “wait” for 6 years for this. It’s the best gift for the both of us, indeed! But the real gift for everyone of us has been given ages ago and we just have to receive it, and that is Jesus Christ!

Please continue to pray for us as venture a new phase of our lives together as well as the people greatly affected by the Typhoon Odette. 

Lastly, allow me to greet you, a Blessed Christmas! We may still not able to escape this pandemic but I know that we will all get through this together. Praying that despite our situation, we would be able to joyfully accept and receive Jesus Christ as our ultimate gift. 

“for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke‬ ‭2:11‬ ‭NASB

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